Can You Put and How to Use a Box Fan in a Window?

how to use a box fan in a window

Summer heat is not a piece of cake. In California, soaring temperatures become uncomfortable. A grip of days in June and July might be unbearable. Don’t get butthurt. You can easily cool your house. Even if you live in a small rented apartment, it’s possible. Find out how to use a box fan in a window. Limited space and budget are not a handicap. An affordable, handy and versatile device does the trick: it decreases ambient temperature, helping you stay cool and healthy. So, choose a top-quality, durable and feature-rich unit. Do you wonder how to position it to great advantage? Let’s discuss available alternatives in detail.

How Do You Cool a Room with a Window Fan?

Surviving extreme spells of hot weather in California might be tricky. US National Weather Service recommends you to be chilling these days. Try to stay indoors during the hottest and sunniest hours of the day. Find a cooling shelter and enjoy mental chill.

Your best mini-split system would be helpful. It cools your home in a trice, maintaining preset temperature. These installations are efficient, quiet and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, avoid outdoor activities and excess sweating. Drink plenty of plain water and wear loose, lightweight, natural clothing.

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Can you use a window air conditioner inside a room? Commonly, it would require temporary installation. Place it:

  • far from noise and bed smell sources;
  • on the ground or first story of your house;
  • on the shaded side of the building;
  • balancing and securing your window fan properly.

If you want to reduce energy consumption, it would be helpful. It’s more affordable, easier to install and maintain than powerful mini-split systems. But other mental solutions exist.

Can You Put a Box Fan in a Window?

can you put a box fan in a window

In California, installation, remodel or replacement of any mechanical system requires a permit. Do you live in a rental house without AC? Your landlords may guess you don’t need it. In coastal areas, ocean breeze and morning fog is cooling, especially in spring. Hot days happen in July and August.

Your best portable fan would be a clutch. Compact and versatile, it cools air, moving it around. Your legit box fan removes odors and produces white noise in your bedroom. What marks it out from window solutions? Let’s try to define basic criteria.

FactorBox FanWindow Fan
Requires Installation no yes
Size smaller larger
Air Direction single double
CFM Output 800-1600 75-1700
Noise Level 55-60 50-55
Best Applications small office, garage small bedrooms and kitchens

Box fan vs tower fan is simpler and more lightweight. It includes only a grip of basic features. Two or three speeds are commonly available. Units with pivoting heads are beneficial. They let you adjust airflow intensity and direction.

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Which Way Should I Put My Fan in the Window?

Chilling in your living room, you may wish to get direct fresh breeze. A compact and budget-friendly box fan does the job. Window fans cool your whole house, removing warm, stale air. These mental devices are reversible, featuring advanced motors and airflow control.

You can easily choose window fan exhaust or intake options. It depends on the daypart, indoor and outdoor air temperature. The installation commonly looks like a twin fan unit. Normally, it should fit your window, coming with adjustable panels. But a custom window screen might be necessary.

Do you wonder, how to get cool air from one room to another? You can use one or several portable fans to circulate the air. Fixing to use it:

  • select and buy a suitable fan model;
  • detect breeze direction;
  • place your mental fan in a window, turning it in or out;
  • mount the unit securely.

Box fans’ designs are not the same. Most of them are self-standing. Units with frames that fit standard window openings are also available. Anyway, you are to secure your lightweight device. Protect it from strong winds and tipping over, using a string or so.

fan in window facing in or out

Bottom Line

In summer, during extremely hot days, all air cooling solutions are expedient. Both window and box fans are efficient. They keep you, your small room or the whole house cool. Is it better to have a window fan blowing in or out? Its application and position matter. Smart devices come with control panels that adjust air temperature and speed. Using a grip of window and box fans is also possible. Arrange cross-ventilation. Position your mental units upstairs or downstairs. Get a whiff of fresh air. It helps you survive the hottest hours of summer days easily and keep healthy.

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