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Top 5 Air Conditioners for Sliding Windows

best air conditioner for sliding window

Are you fixing to make functional updates in your house soon? Spring is the best time to install a suitable air conditioner for sliding windows. In Southern California, you can choose and buy it even earlier. February is the wettest and the rainiest month here. But even now, sunny, hot days are frequent.

When the temperatures are in the 80s, and you are sensitive to the heat, AC is a necessity. Many houses in California have casement or sliding windows. These stellar amenities maintain proper ventilation in summer. They allow the ocean breeze into your house.

What kind of AC unit would fit it? It should be aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient. What are the other factors and features to consider? Let’s check it right now.

Are you fixing to update your house before the summer heatwaves? Here is a rad selection of my favorite air conditioners for sliding windows.

Right Now 5 Best Air Conditioners for Sliding Windows in 2024!

  1. Frigidaire FFRS1022R1 – The unit has a grip of capacity to cool 2 or 3 large rooms in your house. Being intuitive to operate and clean, it suits your kitchen and open space areas.
  2. Koldfront CAC8000W –The vertical window air conditioner is smart and adjustable. It cools your bedroom, study, loft or small office pretty well. It’s easy to operate, sturdy and relatively quiet.
  3. PerfectAire 10,000 BTU (Gray) – It’s a powerful AC unit. It covers your studio apartment or a grip of adjacent rooms, easily cooling large spaces.
  4. Keystone 8,000 BTU – This stellar device is lightweight, space-saving but functional. It fits comparatively small sliding and casement windows. Coming with manual touch buttons, it’s feature-rich and adjustable.
  5. Koldfront CAC10000W – It’s a well-made, secure AC solution. It covers a big (up to 450 sq.ft.) living area with high cathedral ceilings. The air conditioner comes with a quiet compressor, dehumidifier and advanced control features. [/su_box]

1. Frigidaire FFRS1022R1: Full-function Casement Window Air Conditioner

full-function casement window air conditionerIf you live in an old house, it might feature wide sliding windows. Do they open to the side? The powerful AC by Frigidaire should fit any of them. With an included installation kit, it mounts seamlessly. A piece of white foam and a filler seals it, enabling a snug fit.

Will the air conditioner fit your stylish casement windows? For real, it comes in clutch. The AC unit is small and narrow enough to meet the purpose. Adjustable (extendable) side panels come in handy. Do you need one or several devices? Fixing to cool a big area that is about 1300 sq.ft., you might buy several units.

Installed in different rooms, they keep your house bearable in summer. During the scorching heatwaves, it works well. In an average house or a condo apartment, one module does the job. It cools its considerable part efficiently. It might be most of the first-floor area or a kitchen with a living room.

Distinctive Features and Specifications

The air conditioner by Frigidaire has a grip of capacity and a strong blower. How would you describe its stellar performance? The unit stands out by:

  • -10,000 BTU cooling capacity;
  • -up to 450 sq. ft. comfortable room area;
  • -10.4 EER rating;
  • -3.4 pints/hours dehumidification capacity;
  • -264-323 CFM power.

Being easy to control, it keeps your room or an open space area ice-cold. It comes with an intuitive, ready-select remote control. It’s full-function, letting you select the speed and the air direction. Unless you install it on the sunny house side, it adjusts easily to the inside temperatures.

The LED display might be a bit small, especially its LED lights. The remote is much easier to use and read. This sample is a bit heavy, requiring 2 people to lift it during the installation. Is it noisy? The manufacturers declare up to 61dB noise level. In practice, at a high speed, it becomes loud, so you can measure up to 73dB.

What I like especially is its easy-to-clean front grill. The antibacterial, mesh filter is a bomb! It’s pretty washable, coming with a smart clean filter notification.

Basic Benefits
  • powerful;
  • easy to use and adjust;
  • stellar filter and front grille design;
  • reliable;
  • feature-rich.


If your kitchen is large, equip it with this stellar Frigidaire AC unit. It might be a bit loud, but powerful, intuitive to control and easy to clean. In your relatively messy space, the dehumidification feature is helpful. Additionally, the ready-select remote control won’t distract you from your daily tasks. It lets you change the air temperature and direction in a trice.

2. Koldfront CAC8000W: Sturdy Vertical Window Air Conditioner

sturdy vertical window air conditionerIf you live in a house that has no central AC, this module is a stellar alternative. In Los Angeles, where only 5-10 days a year are uncomfortable, it’s efficient. During the humid nighttime heatwaves, it does the job. For real, the unit is not more lightweight than a powerful, 10,000 BTU device.

It has similar dimensions. 2 handymen would struggle to lift and install it. For sure, the module easily fits your casement or left-to-right sliding windows. The necessary weather seals, hardware and a support backer are in the parcel. It mounts to the inside of your window. The white corrugated panel looks nice.

You might need foam insulation or an additional piece of plexiglass to fit it. But as soon as you install the AC unit, it works great.

Product Information

  • Unit Dimensions: 14-1/2” (width) *20-7/8” (height).
  • Cooling Area: up to 350 sq.ft.
  • Dehumidification Capacity: 50 pints/day.
  • EER Rating: 11.0.
  • CFM: 177-235.
  • BTU Cooling: 8,000.

Is this air conditioner powerful enough to cool your house? It covers space up to 300-350 sq. ft. It’s enough for your cozy bedroom or a small office. Most importantly, the unit works fast and flawlessly. It keeps the air cold and crisp, at 70-76 degrees. Does it blow it out powerfully? It depends on the mode.

Which AC options would you appreciate? Chilling comfortably in your cozy bedroom, you might be a bit lazy. A cool breeze would be pleasant. The temperature you set could be not extremely low. Sleep mode doesn’t let it increase more the 2 degrees from the preset parameters.

The sliding window air conditioner is comparatively quiet and energy-saving. Its combined EER rating that makes 11.0 is record-breaking. Additionally, it comes with good remote control, operating from up to 16 feet away. It includes a stellar “I feel” feature. It measures the temperature at the remote location and adjusts it properly.

Key Advantages
  • sturdy;
  • user-friendly;
  • energy-saving;
  • relatively quiet;
  • feature-rich.


The 8,000 BTU AC unit by Koldfront is sturdy is energy-saving. Its cooling capacity is enough for a study, loft or living room. A handy user-friendly remote lets you set any temperature you like from the distance. A removable, easy-to-clean filter is a clutch.

3. PerfectAire 12,000 BTU 115-Volt: Powerful Air Conditioner for Crank Window

powerful air conditioner for crank windowIf you have casement windows in your old house, that’s a clutch. They look great and allow fresh air to enter your home easily. Coming with hinges or crank-type mechanisms, they boost your security. Will it be easy to install the AC unit to a crank window? Dude, despite its heavy weight and large dimensions, it does.

The stellar expendable mounting kit accommodates your stylish windows. It includes a support bracket, as well as the seals and accordion panels. You might need to cut a grip of boards to fit your windowsills. If they and non-standard, attic or decorative, it would be useful.

Have you got skinny tall windows? The AC unit fits them pretty well too. What about the style? But for the large size, I like the way it looks. The light gray color is not bright. It still matches any wooden or decorative fixtures. What about its performance? It’s outstanding.

Features and Properties

The unit works perfectly well. If your house, its first floor or workspace doesn’t exceed 650 sq.ft., it’s clutch. 10,000 cooling capacity is enough for hot days. At least, in Southern California, it is. What other specifications can prove it? They include:

  • 400-450 sq. ft. coverage;
  • 4/13.0 EER/SEER ratio;
  • 56-61 dB noise level;
  • 62ºF -86ºF indoor temperature settings to choose.

The AC unit keeps your dining and living room ice cool. Your loft or studio would also be comfortable in summer. Would you install it in your bedroom? The compressor is reasonably quiet. Meanwhile, it comes with a grip of useful functions. They include a handy remote control (with a rad auto-restart opportunity).

The signature “Follow Me” technology by PerfectAire is outstanding. It covers the room completely without making you cruise on it. You don’t need to get up to adjust the settings. Multispeed operation and flexible air direction come in clutch. Additionally, the washable filter with tilt-out access is epic. Dry mode removes moisture from indoor air.

Primary Benefits
  • reasonably quiet;
  • not very difficult to install;
  • strong;
  • quick-response;
  • good fit.


3PASC10000 AC unit by PerfectAire is heavy but easy to install. Due to expandable panels, it fits any crank or non-standard windows. In your modern house, it works great, cooling a grip of adjacent rooms. The air conditioner includes several efficient modes and handy remote control.

4. Keystone 8,000 BTU: The Thinnest Air Conditioner for Slider Windows

the thinnest air conditioner for slider windowsFor sure, the unit has standard dimensions. It’s a bit more lightweight than its counterparts. Weighing only about 30 pounds, it’s easy to install. For sure, 2 people would lift it without effort. The installation kit comes with everything necessary to support the AC unit.

It still fits only the tiny attic or sliding windows. Their maximum height is 21.3 inches. The windowsill should not be wider than 16.3 inches. How do you operate the air conditioner? It has no remote control available. You would have to cruise over the window to press the touch button manually.

So, it might suit your kitchen or living room. The AC unit evidently has no timer included. Heating and auto shut options are not available. But the slider window air conditioner by Keystone has its unmatched advantages.

Specifications and Technologies

The AC is nice-looking and compact. It takes up less room in your non-standard window opening. But it still works great, removing moisture and smoke from your kitchen. The product stands out by:

  • high (10.8) combined EER ratio;
  • stellar dehumidification capacity (0.9 pints/h.);
  • efficient slide-out/slide-in filter;
  • good (200 CFM) air flow rate;
  • innovative, 3-in-1 cooling technology.

Select any of the 3 fan speeds available. Adjust it according to the daypart and the season. This way, it saves a great deal of energy and does the job. It covers space up to 350 sq. ft. and keeps the hottest room in your modern house cold. In your kitchen, when you use your oven or stove, it’s a life-saver.

Basic Advantages
  • lightweight;
  • pretty quiet;
  • energy-efficient;
  • helpful in humid spaces;
  • fairly easy to install.


KSTSW08A AC model by Keystone is lightweight and energy-saving. It offers you a wide choice of fan speed and air direction options. An efficient filter is also available. The UC unit stands out by mental dehumidification capacity. So, it suits humid climates and messy spaces like a kitchen.

5. Koldfront CAC10000W: Powerful Well-made Sliding Window Air Conditioner

powerful well-made sliding window air conditionerDo you need an AC unit that cools like a beast? If you’ve got a cathedral or vault ceiling, it’s a clutch. Does your farmhouse have a split level? It should include a large living area with kitchen, dining room and bedrooms. Is it possible to avoid sweating through in such a large space in summer?

The vertical window AC unit by Koldfront does the job. Its 10,000 BTU capacity is enough to make your attic area or several rooms comfortable. The modern appliance is solid-built and reliable. Who manufactures them? EdgeStar Company owns Koldfront and Avallon brands nowadays.

Since its foundation in 2004, EdgeStar has been a leading company. It develops specialty appliances, including fridges, ice makers and dishwashers. Headquartering in Austin, Texas, it focuses on the functional use of small spaces. Window and wall air conditioners are in their special range.

Do they make a 12000 BTU casement window air conditioner? One stellar product is available. But it fits regular small windows and has no special mounting kit included. Do you are to cool the area that makes 550 sq. ft. or even more? Use additional solutions in every bedroom.

Features and Capacity

The powerful, KSTSW08A Koldfront appliance covers a great part of your living area. Solid and powerful, it provides:

  • 10,000 BTU of cooling capacity;
  • up to 324 CFM of airflow;
  • 55-59 dB noise level;
  • 4 stellar settings and 3 fan speeds.

A 2-year manufacturer warranty is impressive. It proves the quality construction of the unit. The solid front panel and metal chassis make it durable. What about the user-friendly features? Power-saving buttons and the remote control as a whole are stellar. The dehumidifier is sufficient for most climates and applications.

The air conditioner cools your 400 sq. ft. or a bit larger area fast and efficiently. Is it quiet? The compressor is, for sure. The fan is a bit loud, especially at high speed. So, this unit would be useful in your living room or open space hall.

Principle Benefits
  • durable and well-built;
  • powerful;
  • feature-rich;
  • blows cold quickly;
  • not too loud for a living room.


The 10,000 BTU AC model by Koldfront is well-built and efficient. It comes with the same stellar features and options that an 8,000-BTU unit has. It’s only a bit more powerful, covering larger living or office space. In your split-level house, it does the job, keeping it cool and comfortable.

Buyers’ Guide: Tips on Choosing an Air Conditioner for Sliding Windows

If you live in an old house, it might have no central AC option. In California, it’s a common cause. A mild breeze picks up from the ocean. If you keep windows open, it typically does the job. You might feel you need no air conditioning at all. The areas that are away from the coast may get hot in summer.

Several heatwaves hit Los Angeles every year. They increase daytime temperatures up to 100-110 degrees Fahrenheit. During sunny and exhausting summer days, you should not suffer from the heat. Improve ventilation and air quality in your house. Installation of a compact and practical AC unit kills it.

Benefits of Window Air Conditioners

Do you live in a modern house or condo apartment? It should have all the basic amenities. They might include a pool, a garage and additional dining space in the kitchen. Solar panels on the roof are obligatory since 2020. The California Solar Mandate requires it. Efficient air conditioning is a must.

In an older one, you might have to arrange it by yourself. Several stellar alternatives to central AC exist. Which one would you choose? Your mini-split heat pump for cold weather should be available in your bedroom or study. It’s compact, quiet and aesthetically pleasing.

But you are free to install it only on your own property. It’s possible during remodeling or renovation. In a rental apartment, rad window units come in clutch. These stellar appliances are:

  • easier to maintain and install;
  • energy-efficient;
  • able to localize cooling;
  • space-saving.

Fixing to move, you can easily take them away. These compact units are relatively portable. They are not too difficult to dismantle. You just need to choose a suitable product from a very limited range.

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What Is Casement Air Conditioner?

You might use air conditioning occasionally. If the climate in your city is as mild as in California, you might rarely feel the need. Only during the most severe heatwaves, it becomes heavy. Sometimes, you might use your favorite portable fan. The stellar devices meet the special needs of travelers to the full extent.

Lightweight and versatile, they bring a grip of cool breeze into your room. Do they feel clunky and not efficient in August? In a separate room or a small house, a window unit does a job. Are openings not standard in your house? No big deal. Anyway, you can choose and install a window AC with no hassle.

Sliding window appliances are tall and narrow. They fit casement fixtures that open by means of hinges or crank mechanisms. A crank window commonly has one sash, opening like a door. Sliding ones move horizontally or to the side. They are easy to operate, offering wide, clear openings. Casement AC units fit them vertically, being larger in height than in width.

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Casements AC Units: Factors and Specifications to Consider

The AC options that fit sliding and casement windows are not numerous. There rare, showing less variability between them than traditional ones. Are you fixing to start doing research right now? First of all, try to measure your room. If it’s large, a sturdy, powerful AC unit is necessary. Floor area and ceiling height makes difference.

The window dimensions and location matter. Sliding fixtures are wide and large. Casements windows are a bit narrower and taller. Is your window located at the very end of your room, far from your bed or table? Flexible air direction control might be necessary.

Additionally, pay attention to the unit’s:

  • cooling capacity;
  • coverage area;
  • noise level;
  • EER rating;
  • handy and user-friendly remote control options.

Can a powerful window unit sound like your favorite fan for sleeping? An air conditioner that cools 2-3 rooms is still a bit loud. Install it in your living room or kitchen. It might be still energy efficient and intuitive to use. Check its Energy Guide Label to reach a decision.

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Can You Put a Window Air Conditioner in a Casement Window?

Windows that operate on hinges are beautiful and soundproof. Cranking outward, they offer you maximum ventilation. In Los Angeles, leave them open, to catch the refreshing ocean breeze. In our dry, sunny climate, you may do it even at night. Flying insects would rarely disturb you.

benefits of window air conditioners with heat

Comparatively tall and narrow, elegant casement windows are energy-efficient. Coming with tight seals on all its sides, they don’t let crispy cold air escape from your cozy room. Will you need additional insulation? The US Department of Energy offers you to weatherstrip your windows. Additionally, you can use available materials, such as;

  • acrylic or plexiglass;
  • rigid foam;
  • plywood;
  • reflective film;
  • bubble wrap.

Blackout curtains, shutters or shades might do the job. The best way to insulate windows for summer is still by installing a legit AC unit. You can do it, if your window is 15-1/2” wide, 21-1/4-tall, at least. A ready-made window seal and installation kit is a clutch. Coming with adjustable extensions, it makes the gnarly mounting task easier.

How Do You Fix a Window AC Unit in a Sliding Window?

In summer, wildfire smoke might become heavy. It makes you keep the windows closed. During scorching heatwaves, you would starve for air conditioning. Other summer days might be pleasantly cool. Therefore, an AC unit that turns on only when the indoor temperature rise is rad.

Its combined EER rating should be as high as possible. It includes the unit’s power consumption in standby mode or when it’s idle. So, you should eliminate all air leaks and drafts. How do you install a tall window air conditioner in a vertical crank window? Study the manual and follow the detailed manufacturer’s instructions.

Commonly, you should:

  1. Open the window.
  2. Remove the screws, operator control and hinge arms from the frame.
  3. Attach the support bracket, centering it properly.
  4. Positions and attach your AC unit.
  5. Fill the gaps with available panels, plywood or plexiglass sheets.
  6. Seal and secure the unit.

A grounded, 3-prong outlet might be necessary. Thus, the power cord length matters.

Bottom Line

Does your house feature non-standard casement or sliding windows? Even if it heats up too fast in the sun, don’t get butthurt. You can select and install a casement window AC unit. It’s a tricky, but pretty realistic task. Choose a suitable device, considering your room and window size. Your climate and cooling needs matter.

Thus, the FFRS1022R1 appliance by Frigidaire is easy to control and clean. It’s powerful enough to cool your kitchen and several adjacent rooms. The sturdy, 8,000 BTU unit by Koldfront fits your bedroom or study. 10,000 BTU air conditioner by PerfectAire suits your dining or living room.

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