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Best Ceiling Fans for Large Rooms: How To Make a Successful Choice?

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best ceiling fans for large rooms reviewsIt is always not easy to create a cozy and appealing interior in the large room, let alone provide it with enough light and air. That is the reason to adorn your spacious area with one of the best ceiling fans for large rooms. It will not only be a focal point of the interior design but also provide the room with air and pleasant atmosphere.

A big room always becomes a place that gathers all members of the family and their guests. Consequently, it requires enough air that must be cooled as many people breathe there simultaneously. An air conditioner for a large room is a very expensive device not only to buy but also to maintain. A ceiling fan can be a perfect cheaper alternative to modern air conditioners providing a cooling effect for everyone in the room. It is easy to install and use as well as can come in handy to spread both cool and warm air around the room depending on the season.

The number of ceiling fans for large rooms is very big in the modern market. We have analyzed the variety of modern fans and singled out the models that deserve your attention. Look through top cooling fans for rooms of big size and choose one to meet your requirements.

Top Ceiling Fans for Large Rooms in 2024

1. Hunter 55042 Stockbridge – Excellent ceiling fan for living room

ceiling fan for living room reviewsStockbridge model from Hunter Fan company is a combination of old classics and modern functionality. It will contribute to any interior due to its bronze finish, walnut oak blades and a snowflake light bowl made from scavo glass.

The ceiling fan is 70 inches in size and designed for cooling large rooms. It has 5 blades from walnut to medium oak and will be perfect for rooms with the area up to 625 square feet. There is a 13-degree blade pitch for improved air movement to achieve the airflow capacity up to 7911 CFM. In addition, all the blades are coated with Dust Armor nanotechnology that is resistant to dust.

This Hunter brand model is equipped with a WhisperWind motor that guarantees an ultra-powerful airflow performing quietly and being wobble-free. The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty for the motor equipped with an anti-vibration technology and the AVT system.

One more feature of this powerful ceiling fan is a 3-position mounting system to meet the Installer’s Choice. You can choose a standard, flush or angled position for a fan to direct the airflow in the necessary position. The installation procedure is rather simple thanks to the exclusive triangular hanger ball system.

Features and benefits

There are 3 speed levels to choose between low, medium and high speed as well. As prefer a reversible performance depending on the season. You can switch between speeds using a pull chain.

This model of the ceiling fan can be used both with or without light. It is sold with a light bowl made from glass that features 2 60-watt candelabra base incandescent bulbs to provide enough light in the large rooms.

The fan uses 86 watts without lights and weighs 34.5 pounds. It will be a great addition both to a classic and modern interior.

  • Powerful;
  • Quiet;
  • Reversible;
  • Easy to install;
  • Dual-colored blades;
  • Dust-free technology;
  • High quality.
  • Not comfortably placed pull chain impossible to reach on high ceilings;
  • Close to ceiling downrod;
  • The remote control is sold separately.


If you have a huge room with an area more than 20 square feet, this ceiling fan will be a perfect choice. Any large room will get enough air and additional light with this powerful though quiet model. You will appreciate its dual-colored blades that always stay dust-free, but, of course, it is more comfortable to buy a remote control sold separately to adjust a necessary speed regularly.

2. Harbor Breeze Twin – One of the most efficient large ceiling fans for great room

ceiling fans for great room reviewsYou may think that it is impossible to impress with a ceiling fan, but be sure to look outstanding with this Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze model. It will provide enough air in the large rooms with the area exceeding 400 square feet.

This double ceiling fan is not only good-looking but also highly durable. It consists of two small-sized fans and a bowl light in the center. Made of wood it has an oil-rubbed bronze finish and wicker brown blades.

The fan is characterized by a powerful and quiet motor that provides an excellent airflow capacity of 4450 CFM. The fan is 74 inches in size and weighs 29.2 pounds. The length of the downrod is 4 inches.

Interesting Features

Each of the small ceiling fans has three reversible blades. You can adjust their speed thanks to 3 modes provided. The pull chain serves as a switch between modes.

With a frozen glass bowl that sheds a bright glow and a 40-watt candelabra base, you can add light to your large room with a single LED bulb included.

The maximum height a ceiling fan can be hung at is 15.3 inches.

  • Quality fan;
  • Excellent design;
  • Functional;
  • Looks sturdy;
  • Lightweight;
  • Covers much space.
  • Small blades with low efficiency;
  • Inconvenient to connect wires.


If you are a fan of non-standard solutions this oil-rubbed fan in a bronze finish is for you. One of the most large ceiling fans for great rooms, it features two fans and one light source for excellent airflow capacity and bright light. Made from natural wood it is lightweight and stylish to make your interior extravagant and functional.

3. Emerson CF712ORB Pro Series – One of the better ceiling fans with bright lights

best ceiling fan with lights reviewsEmerson brand does much for its ceiling fans to have premium quality. They are elegant and functional, and there are no reasons to doubt their high quality.

The manufacturer with 110-year history pays attention to details to make its large ceiling fans for high ceilings outstanding.

The first great feature of this ceiling fan model is a quiet and durable motor. It has been tested thoroughly to guarantee its utmost durability. As a result, you will get a Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty and 1-year warranty for other parts.

This ceiling fan for large rooms is much more cost-efficient than an ordinary air-conditioner. However, this model guarantees airflow capacity up to 5224 CFM. It makes it one of the most powerful noiseless ceiling fans in the market.

There are 5 reversible blades of dual colors: dark cherry and medium oak. The base of the fan has an oil-rubbed bronze finish.

This model has three adjustable speeds each switched on using a simple pull chain.

The ceiling fan has two mounting options. It can be attached to 8-9 inch ceilings with a downrod of 4.5 inches included. One more way is to mount it flush without a downrod. In other cases, it is possible to purchase additional downrod. There is also a Quick Install feature in this model due to simple mounting brackets, glass bowl that can be easily snapped on, precision-lock blade arms.

Useful Features

This ceiling fan can also function as a powerful light. There is an Amber Scavo light fixture integrated covered with a bowl made from scavo glass. You can install three 60-watt candelabra base bulbs. If you do not require it, the fan can be used without lighting too.

The fan for large rooms is rather lightweight – 21 pounds – and reliable.

  • Premium quality;
  • Amazing efficiency;
  • Easy and fast installation;
  • Whisper quiet;
  • Attractive design;
  • 3 speeds and reversion;
  • Reliable.
  • Easy-breakable plastic clips on the chain;
  • Thin blades.


Emerson fans have already deserved the trust of many clients and today there is no sense to look for an answer to the question ‘who makes the quality ceiling fans?’. This Pro Series model is one of the most good-looking, appealing and durable. It has great efficiency and will provide enough airflow even with the size of 50 inches.

4. Minka-Aire F888-ORB Slipstream – One of the efficient large ceiling fans with remote

best large ceiling fans with remote reviewsMinka-Aire is a company that produces outdoor ceiling fans of a very high quality. This example of 65-inch size is one of the most contemporary-looking and reliable models.

The fan for large rooms has blades that suit any weather. There are 8 same-size blades with 14° blade pitch. The central place is taken by a tinted opal glass with an 18-Watt P23 Semi Spiral CFL Fluorescent bulb. It is similar to the 72-watt bulb in brightness.

The ceiling fan is one of a few examples operated through the remote control. It is not easy to get to the hanging on the ceiling fan in the large room, so a 6-speed remote with a possibility to switch on the reversing mode is a great addition.

The maximum height for a fan is 15.5 inches. It can be mounted to the ceiling in a standard way and with a 19-degree angle. There are also two downrods of 3.5 inches and 6 inches included.

Interesting Benefits

The fan is extremely lightweight: only 3.5 pounds, but its airflow capacity is one of the highest among large ceiling fans: 8778 CFM. A powerful and easy to operate ceiling fan for a large room from Minka-Aire brand is a nice choice to hang both indoors and outdoors.

  • High quality;
  • Lightweight;
  • Efficient;
  • Quiet;
  • Solid;
  • Well-balanced;
  • Easy to use.
  • Slight helicopter-like noise;
  • Low air output.


Minka-Aire model is among the most powerful ceiling fans with lights for high ceilings. Thanks to two downrods and two mounting ways, it can be attached to both high and low ceilings as well as cover large rooms without difficulties. Extremely lightweight it is incredibly efficient.

5. Westinghouse 7204200 – Superior ceiling fans for great room

quiet large ceiling fan reviewsThis example of ceiling fan for a large room from Westinghouse looks very modern. With a 72-inch size, it will provide a powerful airflow in the room with the total area up to 225 square feet.

The ceiling fan does not consume much energy being 60% more economical than conventional fans. It is achieved thanks to DC motor installed. It is very quiet but still incredibly powerful reaching the airflow capacity of 7234 CFM. The manufacturer provides a Lifetime Motor Warranty and a two-year warranty for other parts.

This model can be used not only for cooling by also lighting the room. It is equipped with a 17.5-watt LED light kit that can be dimmed according to your mood and is hidden behind the opaque frosted glass.

Useful Information

It is very easy to operate the fan thanks to the remote control included. You can switch between 6 speed levels, turn the fan on and off, turn the light on and off as well as dim it and switch on the reverse function too.

Made from metal the product is not very heavy – only 17.42 pounds. It is easy to mount and there is a standard downrod included.

This model combines a sleek and contemporary design with excellent quality and durability.

  • Easy installation;
  • Very quiet;
  • Bright light;
  • Sleek design;
  • Out-the-box quality;
  • Lightweight.
  • The absence of tools to stabilize the mounting bracket that results in wobbling;
  • Non-replaceable LED.


Westinghouse brand has offered one of the better bedroom ceiling fans with LED lights. It has not only extreme power and magnificent airflow but also very bright light. With only 3 blades it does it work very efficiently. The ceiling fan is easy to control in the large room thanks to the remote provided.

6. Parrot Uncle: Bright and Beautiful Ceiling fan with Chrystal Chandelier

ceiling fan with chrystal chandelierGetting a ceiling fan and a chandelier as one modern device is beneficial. It’s a space-saving,super clutch solution. Fan diameter is 52 inches. It’s not huge, but good enough to cool a large or medium-size room. It comes with a beautiful crystal bowl. So, the fixture meets your home lighting and design needs.

Eileen Grays LLC deals with chandeliers, lamps and contemporary fixtures since 2013. Its location is in Chapel Hill town, North Carolina. Parrot Uncle, is its subsidiary and a brand. Together, the companies successfully distribute a wide range of lighting fixtures.

Features and Details

Creative designers develop their original products. They create lights that look decorative and attractive. I like their 52” ceiling fan the most. I recommend it, as it features:

  1. 5 wide, wooden, chrome-finished blades;
  2. reversible motor;
  3. 6-inch metal canopy;
  4. sparkling crystal lampshade;
  5. 2-4-8-hour timer;
  6. remote control.

The fan is not only a decorative fixture. It moves a lot of air, producing powerful airflow. Its capacity reaches 4400 ft.3/min. The fan itself is sturdy and functional. But coming with multiple parts and multifarious hardware, it’s not very easy to install. Professional installation is preferable.

The bulbs are totally bright if you select them properly. They are not available in the parcel. Don’t forget to check that the bulb base is of E12 type. Wattage and color temperatures are up to you.

  • beautiful;
  • sturdy;
  • efficient;
  • easy-to-control;
  • quiet.
  • not too easy to install;
  • not dimmable light.


The fan by Parrot Uncle is not very large. But it comes with a beautiful crystal chandelier. It’s a smart and functional solution that brings light and airflow into your room. It’s not easy to install and wire. After professional installation, it works great, being easy to control.

7. Home Decorators Kensgrove 72 in.: Modern, Powerful Ceiling Fan

modern powerful ceiling fanDo you live in a large, family house? It might include a big, (20” x 20”) cozy living room, loft or lobby. There, all your family members meet in the evenings. Together, you would relax, watch TV or discuss daily news. This space still has to be comfortable, cool and beautiful.

Large and powerful ceiling fan by Home Decorators suits contemporary spaces. Modern, sleek by design, it would match commercial premises. It takes rightful place in your office entryway or lobby. It makes your oversized garage cool and well-lit. This product is stellar! It’s simple and smooth by design that makes it versatile.

Coming with a short (4.5”) downrod, it suits spaces with low ceilings. If they are not higher than 8ft, it would be an opportune option. In premises with high ceilings, it works like a beast! Moving tons of air, it provides the functionality you need. Meanwhile, this huge fan is quiet and energy-saving.

Additional Information

I guess this item falls under the Helicopter product line. It’s powerful, cool, but not complex. The ceiling fan stands out by:

  • 8 thin, epic blades;
  • advanced, DC, 9-speed motor;
  • quiet, energy-efficient operation;
  • 14-Watt Led light;
  • handy pull chain and remote control;
  • Samsung light module with frosted opal glass;
  • warm white (3000 K) color temperature.

Modern and powerful, the fan produces bomb airflow, up to 9,330 CFM. During a hot, summer day, it’s a clutch! Meanwhile, it’s reversible, working both in summer and winter. Direct it in downdraft or updraft mode. It depends on your climate and ventilation needs. It lets you enjoy cool calming breeze or pleasant warm air circulation.

  • powerful;
  • modern by design;
  • intuitive installation;
  • quiet;
  • smooth surface, easy to clean.
  • might be wobbling or ticking on high speeds;
  • the bulb may be not bright enough for a large room or hallway.


If your living room, lobby or entryway is large, it requires a huge ceiling fan. Big, 72-in device by Home Decorators is powerful and efficient. It creates stellar, cool airflow in your room or garage. Modern by design, it suits practical summer beach house applications. Additionally, it’s energy-efficient and quiet enough to meet any family needs.

Buyer’s Guide: Tips on Choosing the Top Large Ceiling Fans

best cooling fans for rooms reviewsSummer heat can be unbearable even inside the walls of a large home or apartment. However, not everybody wishes to buy an expensive and not always beneficial for health air conditioner.

The better alternative for people who have large rooms and require more cool air is a ceiling fan. At the same time, it is very important to consider several characteristics when you choose a model for a large room or you may be very disappointed with the purchase.

Look through the tips on how to buy the quality ceiling fans – consumer reports and our experts’ analyses helped to figure out the main ones

Characteristic features

  1. Size

The first thing that differs ceiling fans for large rooms from other ones is its size. Most of the sellers indicate it in the name of the product but you can learn it from any model description too. A fan for a large room must be at least 50 inches but it would be efficient to choose a model with the size that exceeds 70 inches. It will suit any room with the area more than 200 square feet.

  1. Efficiency

Fans for large rooms must be highly efficient to provide it with enough airflow. This efficiency is measured in cubic feet per meter (CFM) and is indicated by numbers. In average, the fan efficiency is about 5000, but some models’ capacity exceeds 7000.

  1. Light

Most of the modern fans are equipped with lighting feature. There are models with LED and bulbs with different brightness as well as dimming feature. Consider the number of bulbs used and their wattage to understand if it produces enough light.

  1. Control

The biggest part of modern ceiling fans is controlled by a pull chain, but there are models with a remote or wall control. The last one is sold separately usually. Of course, it is more comfortable to buy a ceiling fan for a large room with a remote control or you will need to put much effort to reach the pull chain on high ceilings.


Modern ceiling fans for large rooms are produced in a variety of designs. Some of them look modern, the others look classic or combine features of both styles. There are even models that unite two smaller fans in one product. The color and design can be chosen to match your interior design.


Every ceiling fan instruction will mention that a fan should be installed by a professional. However, only a minority hires electricians for this purpose. At the same time, mistakes in the installation can cause noise and wobble even in high-quality fans. That is why you should prefer models that include all the necessary parts and do not require some special tools. There are manufacturers that even offer a ‘Quick Installation’ feature to their clients, but be careful with wires and reliable attachment as the fan is not lightweight too.

Conclusion and Recommendations

A good ceiling fan is a very important accessory in the large room. It will improve the airflow as well as add light to any room. But you should choose the model for a room with a big area very thoroughly and attentively. Look through better ceiling fans for large rooms mentioned above and you will enjoy the purchase undoubtedly.

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