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How to Get Cool Air from One Room to Another?

If you don’t have central air conditioning in your house, you might wonder how to get cool air from one room to another. What do most people do in such cases? They choose one or several largest and most frequently used rooms and install split systems or window AC units there. By leaving the doors to adjoining rooms open, they hope to cool down the whole house or apartment. Unfortunately, that does not always work. Laws of physics are inalterable. Sometimes they work against us, but we can apply some tricks to make them work for us.

How to Cool Your House without AC?

how to get cool air from one room to another

Air conditioning is probably the most common way of cooling the air in modern buildings. It’s hard to imagine a residential or commercial space without central or ductless AC. However, it does not mean that there are no other ways to achieve a similar effect. Of course, natural air circulation is not as effective, but it is surely cheaper, more available and sometimes even healthier.

3 ways to cool your living space without AC:

  1. Variety of fans.
  2. Cross ventilation.
  3. Heat insulation.
  4. Swamp coolers.

Even one of these solutions can help you reduce the temperature by several degrees. If you apply several or even all of them simultaneously, you can achieve an impressive result.

How to cool a room with fans?

Fans are very effective at cooling rooms in a house. That is if used correctly. Many people don’t think the layout through and end up installing their fans in the wrong places. As a result, they get a rather poor cooling effect, if any. You need to learn how to position fans to cool a room.

Fan placement for optimal air circulation

Fans do not generate cool air. They simply move air masses in the intended direction with high speed. If the air indoors is hot, you should force it out of the room. You can install an outward-facing box fan in the window. Hot air will flow out, but it’s only half of the job. For a better effect, you should install an inward-facing window fan across the room (ideally) or in another room. In such a way fresh air from outdoors will replace the hot air. This method is only effective when the temperature outside is lower than inside. If it gets too hot during the day, turn the fans on early in the morning and after the sun goes down.

how to circulate air in apartment

Other ways to cool your house with fans:

  • Use a ceiling fan (or multiple fans). Ceiling fans create powerful airflow and help reduce the temperature in the room.
  • Install an attic fan or whole-house fan. This solution requires professional installation and can be quite costly. By cooling the attic or upper part of your house you can keep the rest of your house cooler even without AC.
  • Floor fans or tower fans. These types of fans can also make you feel a little more comfortable during a hot day. Just make sure there is a way for the hot air to escape.

Once you learn how to circulate air with fans, you can apply this technique to any part of your house.

Natural Aeration

If there is no chance to install any of the above-mentioned devices, you can apply some natural ventilation techniques. You can leave the doors and windows open to help hot air escape your home faster. By opening doors and windows across the room, you can create a powerful airflow that will freshen your house in minutes. You don’t have to open the windows and doors all the way. Even small cracks will do the job.

Best Way to Circulate Air Conditioning

If you don’t have central AC you might face a problem of some rooms being hotter than others. There are two ways to tackle this issue:

  1. Install a mini-split system with multiple indoor units (one in each room).
  2. Create an airflow between conditioned rooms and the rest of the house/apartment.

how to improve air circulation in house

If you have a one- or two-bedroom apartment, you can buy a multi-split AC for two rooms. That should be enough. Larger homes might require more thoughtful planning. If you want to install one AC unit for a two-story home, you should locate it on the upper floor. Cool air is heavier than hot air. Therefore, it will move towards the first floor, pushing hot air up, where it will be cooled by the AC unit. Please note, this technique will only work if there is no ceiling between the floors where the AC unit is located.

With the AC on you need to keep a room well-ventilated with the windows closed. The only way to do so is to install fans. However, even with the best mini split system and the best portable fan, you can fail to achieve a desirable effect. You need to put them in the right places.

Does putting a fan in front of an air conditioner help?

Fans can help distribute cool air that comes from an air conditioner. While your mini-split does a great job cooling the air, it fails to provide proper circulation. Fans are great at generating airflow. By combining these devices you can provide excellent air circulation, which can reach even the remotest parts of your home.

Final Conclusion

Air circulation is one of the main things that can keep your house or apartment cool in summer. Ductless air conditioning for a living room and adjoining rooms can be significantly enhanced by fans. Just make sure to install them correctly and watch your home getting cooler and more energy efficient.

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