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Hi, friends,

About Author Page

It’s Charles Walker and my blog that is dedicated to cooling fans and various types of seasonal equipment such as ceiling, floor, wall-mounted and heating units. Quite naturally, I would give you sincere, honest pieces of advice to make your life more comfortable and pleasant.

My Experience and Expertise

Actually, I live in Los Angeles, California, and I am used to the hot and dry climate of my large and really fantastic city. Experiencing the temperatures that are between the 60s and the 110s (°F) throughout the year, I have already bought several different household fans, for my apartment, and a commercial one, for the office.

We obviously need the most powerful and reliable cooling equipment here, in our amazing climate. The fans that were tested in California and showed themselves as durable, energy-efficient and high performance can be certainly used anywhere.

Additionally, working as a realtor, I know that the good air conditioners and cooling fans are the basic necessities for the accommodations. Thus, during my professional activity, I have seen a lot of multifarious cooling equipment and I know my customers’ opinions about them and the way they boost the rent. That’s why I want to analyze all my knowledge about the cooling equipment and use it for your benefit.

How to Choose the Best Cooling Fans?

Yeah, I am obsessed with the cooling fans, their types, performance, and efficiency. So, I want to share my experience and this obsession with you, warning you against the common buying mistakes and improvident decisions.

Meanwhile, my personal experience, the equipment testing, and my customers’ opinions are not sufficient for the full-scale analysis of the market and the best existing offers. To provide you with the complete information, my recommendations are also based on:

  • the fair customers’ reviews;
  • scientific researchers;
  • interviews with the leading experts;
  • the products comparison.

I’ll definitely do my best to inform you about the industry trends and innovations, clarifying the features, performance, and peculiarities of every item I recommend. If you want to know more or recommend something to me, I will be happy to improve my work, answering all your interesting and challenging questions.