Best Mini Split Systems, Ductless, Wall-Mount

mini split system reviews

Whenever you live in a hot, southern state, like Florida or Texas, or in a northern one, up to Alaska, the proper cooling, ventilation, and heating is to be arranged in your private house and garage. It definitely should not take a lot of room, or result in enormous electricity bills. Therefore, the best mini split system would be a great solution, providing comfort, being feature-rich and energy-efficient.

However, what are the better ductless heating and cooling system? Which brands are reliable and reputed? Let me review and compare the 6 top-rated devices, well-suited for the cold and southern climates, single rooms and small spaces.


How to Break Your Dangerous Addiction to Air Conditioning?

how to break your dangerous addiction to air conditioning

Does using the conditioner make us weaker than we might be? Is it right to ask such a question? And how to break your dangerous addiction to air conditioning? All these problems do not allow many people to live in peace, all those who advocate using air conditioners, for example, in hot weather, and their ardent opponents, who shout from all sides about the harmful effects of air conditioners. So what’s the truth here? Let’s do it right!

It comes with him in the summer. This is especially true in places with many people, such as small spaces or offices. But this is fine. Because air conditioning is one of humankind’s most useful inventions, imagine walking into an office after 30 degrees, being comfortable at 22 points, and blowing off a light cool breeze. You would be immediately rejuvenated.

8 Reasons to Hate Air Conditioning, Even When It’s Hot


Can Air Conditioning Give you a Cold? Myth vs. Reality

can air conditioning give you a cold

Choosing an air conditioner for your home is often stressful and very often uncomfortable: you want to buy a high-quality model at a reasonable price, so the design should match your interior.

But even if you find a variant suitable for the first two parameters, the idea of damage to the air conditioner, as a rule, begins to pierce his head because many people talk about the disease—this device.

Air Conditioning for your Home is Bad for your Health?


Best Ceiling Fan for Vaulted Ceiling

best ceiling fan for vaulted ceiling

Have you recently moved to a new house? You might discover several design surprises. What if it has no attic? You don’t have a place to store your old, bulky stuff. Additionally, you might need best ceiling fan for a vaulted ceiling. It’s necessary to remove hot air from your house.

Does your living room or bedroom has high, cathedral ceilings? It creates an open, airy feeling, making space look big and beautiful. Vaunted ceilings provide a spacious area. This huge area must be provided with proper ventilation.


How to Circulate Air with Fan?

Is it too hot in your house? Some fresh air would be necessary. However, a sudden flow of cool air can be harmful. Air conditioners are able to cause respiratory illnesses. You or your family members can catch a cold even in summer. So, how to circulate air with fan? The soft breeze at night is so pleasant and beneficial! A cross-ventilation system is efficient and affordable. How to arrange it properly? Let’s investigate the matter.

Do Air Conditioners Impact on Your Health?

how to circulate air with fans


When Was Air Conditioning First Used in Homes?

when was air conditioning first used in homes

What a stellar invention! In California, in late spring, you might avoid it. Later, when hot (Santa Ana) winds start blowing, you have to beat the heat. When was air conditioning first used in homes? Chilling in your comfy bedroom, you could think about it. In our country, life-saving thermal appliances became popular by the 1950s. Afterward, they became widespread. It happened when an average American household was able to afford an AC system. What were the household AC sizes and functionality at the time? Let’s compare our modern, epic devices with the moldy figs and take joy.

When Did Air Conditioning Come Out?


Split AC vs Window AC Which is Best?

Split systems and window air conditioners are the most popular alternatives to central AC. First, you need to understand: split AC vs window AC which is best and more practical? These devices can be installed almost in any building and don’t require big-time constructional remodeling. But there are some significant distinctions between these two types of AC. So if you are wondering, which one to choose, keep reading this article. We provide a concise and detailed guide to help you make the right choice.

Difference between window AC and split AC

split ac vs window ac which is best


Can You Put and How to Use a Box Fan in a Window?

how to use a box fan in a window

Summer heat is not a piece of cake. In California, soaring temperatures become uncomfortable. A grip of days in June and July might be unbearable. Don’t get butthurt. You can easily cool your house. Even if you live in a small rented apartment, it’s possible. Find out how to use a box fan in a window. Limited space and budget are not a handicap. An affordable, handy and versatile device does the trick: it decreases ambient temperature, helping you stay cool and healthy. So, choose a top-quality, durable and feature-rich unit. Do you wonder how to position it to great advantage? Let’s discuss available alternatives in detail.

How Do You Cool a Room with a Window Fan?


How to Ventilate a Garage with no Windows?

Living in a city with a hot climate, you are to think about ventilation. It becomes especially essential in summer. What about your garage? If there are windows, it’s a great relief. However, how to ventilate a garage with no windows? What are the best solutions? How to arrange proper airing without heavy expenses and great efforts? Let’s check it.

Garage Location Considerations

how to ventilate a garage with no windows


Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans: Explore and Learn How to Choose the Right One

best outdoor ceiling fans with light

If you are looking for something to chill down your outdoor lounging area, why not choose one of the best outdoor ceiling fans? The not very long time ago these useful fixtures were unfairly underappreciated, but as of recently, they have started to regain popularity. This comes as no surprise since today’s ceiling fans is incredibly stylish, functional and diverse. With the latest technological development incorporated, they’ve become energy-efficient, easy to control and applicable under various weather conditions.