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How to Keep Garage Cool in Summer?

how to keep garage cool in summer
Do you live in Texas or California? I am lucky, as I live in Los Angeles Southern California. Summers here are warm to hot. So, we are to maintain comfortable conditions indoors. A building that protects your vehicle is no exception. So, how to keep garage cool in summer? How to do it without heavy expenses and undue efforts? Lets’ consider the best options.

Why Your Garage Gets So Hot?

A garage is a room that is often neglected. It can be a separate building or a separate part of your house. It commonly has no windows. Is your garage connected to the home heating system? It’s not typical here, in CA. Winters here are sunny and warm. So, compact portable heaters work well.

Meanwhile, a garage cooling system is essential here. Why does the building heat up? The temperature in summer is 80°F and higher. Is it the only reason? The other factors include:

  1. Poor insulationю
  2. Incorrect doors’ locationю
  3. Dark roof colorю
  4. Closed doors and windows (if available)ю
  5. Absence of ventilation.

The best mini split system can be necessary in this case. It would be essential if you spend a lot of time in the building. Does it host a hobby station? Heating and cooling a garage workshop is a must. You are to feel comfortable. Meanwhile, do you park your cars at once after a busy driving day? They absorb heat and radiate it in the garage afterward. So, just let the car cool down in a shady location for an hour or two.

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Should I Insulate my Garage in Arizona?

should i insulate my garage in arizonaSummers in the state are dry and hot. The temperature at daytime reaches 110°F. So, your garage is worth insulating. The areas that require insulation are:

  • doors;
  • walls;
  • ceiling.

Selection of insulation materials for the walls may be a bit challenging. They should not be combustible. The plan is to comply with the Arizona Fire Core. Is there a smoke detector in your garage? This solution is not common. Anyway, you are to avoid any hazard.

How to Keep Room above Garage Cool?

Is your bedroom situated right above your garage? Quite naturally, the garage ceiling is to be properly insulated. It will prevent hot air from pass through the floor. Do you prefer your nights to be quiet? The insulation will serve you as a sound barrier, as well. You can use:

  • batts (fiberglass or rock wool);
  • loose fill insulation (shredded newspaper or cellulose);
  • blown-in fiber or foam.

The insulation is to remain in place. Additionally, it creates a perfect thermal barrier for attics. Do you know how to increase humidity in a room? In Arizona, this question would be pressing. Ventilation or insulation would not help in this case. You would need an HVAC system. For example, a ductless air conditioner for garage is easy-to-install and efficient. Otherwise, you can use a portable humidifier in your bedroom.

How Do Mini Splits Work?

how do multi zone mini splits workDuctless HVAC systems are designed mainly for living spaces. They are efficient to control the temperature in individual rooms. It’s the best way to heat and cool a detached garage. Do you want to convert it into a craft room or home office? This solution will make it comfortable and livable.

The AC garage cooling that works consists of an indoor and on outdoor units. Available configurations include:

  • a heat pump;
  • a condenser;
  • a wall unit;
  • a ceiling cassette.

The outdoor compression or condensing unit removes heat to the outdoor environment. How does it cool your garage in summer? It’s possible due to the refrigerant that circulates between the units. Indoor appliances cool, handle and blow the air to the room. Evaporator and condensing coils do the job. The units are connected by 2 copper pipes. Thus, these systems are quiet, compact and energy-efficient.

Sizing Basics

Meanwhile, your mini-split is to be properly sized. Is your garage 3-car? Calculate its dimensions. It is to be not less than 30ft. wide, 24 ft. deep. That is 720 sq. ft. Now, we can size an HVAC unit.

Garage Area, sq. ft.AC Unit’s power, BTUs

Your state climate peculiarities can be considered. Mini-split systems commonly work worse at cold temperatures. When water is freezing, the heat pump absorbs and ejects heat not too easily. Are you going to cool a garage in Texas? You would also need your AC system to be a bit larger. According to recent research, the climate in the state is changing. Average temperatures and risks of extreme heat are increasing. Heavy precipitations are less frequent. At too high temperatures the mini-split can also make some noise.

How to Cool a Garage in Texas with no Windows?

how to cool a garage in texasWhy do you need to ventilate a detached garage? It would make this place safer. It lets you prevent fire. Chemicals and toxic fumes are to be drawn out. So, if windows are available, it’s a great benefit. They provide cross-ventilation and natural light. What if they are absent? How to ventilate a garage with no windows in Texas? You can still install them. The other useful solutions include:

  • exhaust or attic fans;
  • roof turbine vents;
  • static ports;
  • a door opener.

You can insulate the garage doors or keep them opened at daytime. It will be sufficient to cool a garage in Florida, during winter and fall seasons. It enables you to ventilate a garage. The airflow is temporarily increased. Hot air is exchanged to the cooler wind.

How to Keep Garage Cool for Dog?

You can also use insulated curtains. This solution is suitable for rooms or buildings with or without windows. The curtains prevent heat from coming inside. Meanwhile, your dog would need a safe environment. It should be as comfortable as your living space.

Monitor the temperature. It is to be not higher than 60-80 degrees F. Declutter your garage. Remove dangerous chemicals. Keep the tools out of reach. It would help. Insulation is essential. However, a climate control device is also necessary. It’s the best way to cool down your garage, especially in summer.

Normally, the dog is to be free to get out any time. Your pet is to get bathroom habits. Space is to be enough for running around and playing with toys. Your attention is also necessary. Spend a lot of time with your dog. Finally, clean water and some food are to be constantly available.

General Impression

Now you know how to keep a garage cool in Texas, Arizona, California or Florida. Do you live in a state with a hot climate? You would need a powerful climate control device. Don’t forget to ventilate your garage. It’s essential to keep it safe and avoid fire. Additionally, if you or your pets spend a lot of time in the building, it is to be comfortable. Avoid additional heat and enjoy the perfect, sunny weather!

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