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Box Fan vs Tower Fan: Which is Better?

box fan vs tower fan

In winter, you don’t have to cool your office or home down. During the coldest months of the year, additional ventilation is not necessary. Even in sunny and warm California, nights are chilly. In coastal areas, light frosts may form occasionally. So, you might need a portable heater rather than a fan. Nevertheless, let’s compare box fan vs tower fan now. In Los Angeles, you would need a small, compact airflow inducing device later. It might be necessary only after May Gray and June Gloom. In July, during a warm, dry summer, proper air circulation is essential. It makes your house or apartment comfortable and healthy. So, let’s discuss pros and cons of both devices, as well as differences between them.

What is the Best Type of Fan for Cooling?

In February, air is pretty cool and wet. The weather is mild and pleasant. Brave tourists may attempt to go swimming. When sea temperature is 55-65 degrees F, it’s not wise, but not critical. Now, you can avoid any climate control devices. Are you a native Angelino? Complaining of cold, you may prefer to heat your home with a gas furnace. In coastal areas of California, air conditioning is rare.

In summer, excessive heat and dry conditions make you try to cool your room and the whole house. Air pollution was a great problem here. A kind of filtration is totally essential. But don’t trip. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, air quality is improving. Environment Protection Agency confirms it.

Thus, a simple, compact device might be enough now. Your best portable fan does the job. It meets your needs, being:

  • compact;
  • lightweight;
  • energy-saving;
  • easy to carry and store;
  • sturdy;
  • powerful.

Both tower and box fans are portable. They meet your air ventilation needs. Blowing cool air, they eliminate hot spots in your house. What are the differences? Let’s get into details.

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Is a Tower Fan Better than a Box Fan?

Electric fans are handy, useful devices. They keep your room cool during summer heatwaves. Improving air circulation, these epic devices let it flow throughout your house. Your best fan for sleeping is also quiet and customizable. Are you a light sleeper? Allowing white noise, it soothes you, without disturbing your sleep. Both box and tower fans can meet these requirements. A small comparison table discloses basic aspects of both devices.

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Fan TypeBoxTower
Common Shape square, rectangular or circular slim and sleek
Size compact taller, with smaller footprint
Design simple, traditional modern
Air Direction certain any
Features limited numerous
Noise Level louder quiet
Cost affordable more expensive
Maintenance easy to repairmore intricate

Any of these stellar devices can keep your family cool in summer. Will you select a cheaper, simple unit or a more sophisticated one? Your choice depends on your needs, climate, room or office size.

Should I Get a Tower Fan?

Having a tower-like shape, this space-saving device stands on a fixed base. It oscillates and pushes cool air out. An electric motor spins a cylindrical container with impeller blades inside. They make air move vertically. It creates a cooling airflow that simulates fresh ocean breeze.

Do tower fans cool a room? They do it, using forced convection. Moving air rapidly around your room, these devices transfer and remove heat. Therefore, tower fans are:

  1. Quiet.
  2. Stylish and elegant.
  3. Easy to fit and adjust.
  4. Feature-rich.
  5. Safe and efficient devices.

Due to small, reduced footprint, your tower fan fits into any limited space. Place it at any corner of your small room and it does the job. Tower fan vs stand fan is smaller and less powerful. But these slim devices offer extensive coverage. 90-degree oscillation helps cool down large rooms.

Additionally, tower fans come with a grip of features. They include a timer, remote control, 3 to 8 speed settings. Enabling indoor air filtration and purification, tower fans improve its quality. So, they are safer and healthier than other portable devices.

Are Box Fans Better?

Being pretty compact and lightweight, box fans are easy to carry around. Weighing from 3 to 8 pounds, they are more portable than other cooling units. You can place them anywhere you like. They show the best performance in front of the doors and near to the windows.

Your box fan helps you to remove smells and odors out of your room. It’s beneficially:

  • simple;
  • efficient;
  • budget-friendly;
  • easy-to-maintain;
  • versatile;
  • cost-effective.

Consisting only of a grip of propeller blades, motor, frame and protective grill, it’s simple. Box fan is a safe and intuitive device that consumes not too much electricity. It’s durable, maintenance-free, and easy-to-repair. Malfunction is highly improbable: very few parts may require replacement.

How to make a box fan more powerful? Small size and simplicity of the units are not indicative. These stellar devices are efficient, for real. Their CFM output commonly ranges from 800 to 1600. However, adjustable box fans with 3 speed options are available. Changing their tilt angle, you can turn airflow in any direction you want.

Do Factually Cool a Room?

In California, summer heatwaves become unbearable and dangerous. Therefore, a study, conducted by the Los Angeles Urban Cooling Collaborative is prominent. It shows that cool, sunlight-reflective roofs are efficient. Together with widespread green trees planting, they reduce peak daytime temperatures.

Do you live in a rented apartment? If you can’t change your walls’ color, it’s not so heavy. You can open your doors and windows. Do it early in the morning. At daytime, on the contrary, close curtains and blinds. Screen your sun-faced windows to reflect sunlight.

How to position fans to cool a room? Additionally, use cross-circulation and a portable fan. Place it:

  • in a corner;
  • near the window;
  • in a doorway;
  • on the floor or table.

You are to achieve efficient air circulation and ventilation. Thus, best way to cool a room with a box fan is in front of an open window. It would be efficient at night or early in the morning. With exhausting hot air, you get cool, fresh air intake. It helps you to cool your house cost-effectively.

Bottom Line

Are you going to buy a new portable fan? It’s a mental decision. Do it right now, in February, when prices are not too high. What type of device to prefer? It depends on your needs and family budget. Do you require a feature-rich, tower fan? Do you count on design and style? If you can compromise it, prefer a simple and compact box fan. It’s small but efficient and reliable. Repair the roof when the sun is shining! Prepare for the summer heat beforehand and keep well.

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Hi, there! It’s Charles. I live in the city with a hot and dry climate, Los Angeles. Do you need some cooling fans too? Get complete information from the website. Don’t forget to check your local Ventilation Code. Perform your house conversions properly and enjoy the coolness.

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