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How to Increase Humidity in a Room?

how to increase humidity in a roomDo you live in a private house or in an apartment? Anyway, your living conditions are to be safe and healthy. Comfortable air temperature is to be maintained. It is to retain some moisture. So, how to increase humidity in a room? Using a humidifier is the most evident solution. However, there are multiple other ways to do it. Let’s consider the easiest and the fastest of them.

We are used to measuring relative humidity at home. Are we? When we feel uncomfortable, do we refer it to dry air? At least, this measurement is more common than absolute humidity. What is it? The actual amount of moisture in the air is necessary to forecast the weather. The parameter is essential to estimate the risk of hurricanes and cyclones. How is it expressed? In grams or kilograms per m3.

Humidity Levels Indoors

Relative humidity depends on the air temperature. It is compared to the maximum possible humidity level at a certain temperature. It is measured as the percentage ratio. How can we understand 100% humidity? It implies the air is completely saturated with vapor. It just can’t hold more water. Which way? Otherwise, it starts condensing. Rainfall expectancy in high. In the buildings, the best mini split system can be used in this case. It removes excessive moisture.

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What about the indoor humidity? Which one is the most comfortable for people?

Relative Humidity, %Air ConditionConsequences
Below 30drydiscomfort
30-60comfortableminimal health issues
Above 70moistcondensation

So, humidity between 30 and 60% is considered to be comfortable. The ideal one is 40-50%. Let’s study the negative consequences in more details.

How to Create Humidity in a Room?

how to increase humidity in air conditioned room Quite naturally, excessive humidity is not healthy or beneficial. It causes water condensation on the surfaces. Mold, corrosion or decay can damage your house. Do you have a basement? These problems can happen. What are the effects on the human body? They include:

  • overheating;
  • frizzy hair;
  • increased sweating.

Dust mites thrive at high humidity conditions. Many people are allergic to them. You can suffer from eczema or asthma. However, this problem can be easily solved, for example, by the best ductless air conditioner.

Is It Bad to Sleep with a Fan on?

Meanwhile, a fan blowing commonly makes the air drier. Is it dangerous? Click here! Low humidity can cause some undesirable health issues. For, example, according to Princeton University research, it increases the risk of flu infection. The viruses spread easily and survive longer in dry air. The best swamp cooler can help you to avoid it.

For example, do you live in Arizona? The state stands out for dry, desert climate. The annual average humidity is about 35%. In July, in Phoenix or Yuma, it can be as low as 22%. You are to raise the humidity in the room. It helps you to avoid health issues, such as:

  1. Dry skin.
  2. Eyes irritation.
  3. Nosebleeds.
  4. Allergic rhinitis.

It’s typical for cold climates and winter season. Cold air heats up in the house.  It becomes dry. Your nasal passages dry out. It causes itching and wheezing. Inflammation is possible. Dehydrated skin is dull and less flexible.

How to Raise Humidity in a Room?

temperature and humidity sensorsLow humidity is typical for dry areas only. Excessive moisture would be not good too. So, we are to measure relative humidity at first. How to do it? We can use a hydrometer. An advanced barometer can have this feature, as well. Actually, this device is designed to measure air pressure. Temperature and humidity sensors can be built-in.

So, is the humidity really lower than 30-40%? These cases are not common. Do you want to add moisture to a room? Quite naturally, the best way to do it is to use a humidifier. This electrical appliance can be used to moisture a single room or a whole house.

The common humidifier types are:

  • central;
  • ultrasonic;
  • steam;
  • impeller.

They work, using boiled water, ceramic diaphragm or diffuser. So, they release a cool or warm mist. In terms of size, console and portable humidifiers exist.

Where is the Best Place to Put a Humidifier in a House?

It depends on the unit’s size and type. Console models are designed to be connected to your HVAC system. They are able to increase humidity in your home. A portable device would be suitable to humidify a single room. The models, able to purify the air exist. A compact, 1-liter device is sufficient for a trailer. A 2-5-liter humidifier can be used in your living area or in your bedroom.

A portable device is usually placed into a family room. It is commonly located above the ground level. A humidifier releases cool air that sinks. So, the best place to put a humidifier in 2 story house is on the second floor. A quiet unit is preferable if you use it in a bedroom.

What to Do if You Don’t Have a Humidifier?

best position for humidifierDon’t you have a humidifier? Don’t you want to buy it? I hope you still have a hydrometer. The humidity level should not be too high. According to the EPA Agency, it should not exceed 60% in summer. In winter, keep it between 25% and 40%. So, if you want to humidify a room in winter, it’s easier. If your heater doesn’t reduce the moisture level.

How can you add moisture to dry air? It’s possible to:

  1. Hang wet towels and clothes for air dry.
  2. Get houseplants.
  3. Leave water near the heating vent.
  4. Avoid using your fan.
  5. Boil water to make tea.
  6. Take a shower.

Water should be available within the house. You can put in a bowl, in a bath, in a cooking pot. Water is evaporating and it makes the air humid. Just don’t place the humidifier near a vent. It is to be away from the dry and warm air source.

Final Impression

So, now you know how to control humidity in your home. It is to be properly measured. Your local aspects and your personal habits are to be considered. If you use a humidifier, it is to be properly sized. Find a suitable location for it. Otherwise, just use a lot of water. Boil it, pour it in bowls and pots. Hang laundry for air dry. Avoid low humidity issues. It helps you stay healthy and comfortable.

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