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Tower Fan vs Stand Fan

This terrible summer heat is coming. The temperature outdoors rises up to 80-85 °F. With the air conditioner, it gets too cold in the room. Sudden temperature drops are not healthy. Why don’t you use a fan? But which one is better? Is tower fan vs stand fan more compact and practical? Let’s study the pros and cons of both heat rejection devices.

Extreme Heat Problem

tower fan vs stand fan

Fortunately, the weather is still very favorable in June. At least here, in Los Angeles, it’s great. A lot of sunshine is our resort benefit. However, now, cloudy hours still happen. The temperature in the morning is about 60 degrees. Additionally, “June Gloom” pleases the coastal areas with some fog and chilly freshness at the start of the day.

In July and August, the heat gets worse. How to beat it? The best fan for sleeping is necessary. Are there any other good solutions? Air conditioners and central HVAC systems are beneficial. Of course, on a provision that they are well-designed and properly maintained. Otherwise, air conditioning may cause various health issues, such as:

  • breathing problems;
  • nasal congestion;
  • dry or irritated skin.

Do you spend 8 hours a day under a conditioner? It can make you intolerant to summer heat. For example, Dr. Mark Mendell thinks that the temperature over 73.4 degrees in the offices is beneficial. It improves the thermal comfort of the workers.

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Best Fan for Bedroom

A top-quality AC is great. I mean the one that comes with advanced filters. They are to be changed in time. Otherwise, it would be able only to protect your furniture and electronic devices from overheating. Sweat stains are minimized. However, contaminated air is harmful.

What else can we do? Keeping the air moving inside the house is recommended. It keeps the things cooler. Additionally, it allows heat transfer from your skin. You feel cooler.

Meanwhile, what is the best type of fan? A ceiling device circulates the air in the room. It is to run counter-clockwise. In this case, it moves the air downward, directly on your body. However, the air on the top is hot. The breeze makes you feel better, but not completely cool.

The Need for Portable Fans

need for portable fansSmall household fans are necessary. You need them not only in the case if a ceiling fan in your room is absent. The best portable fan is:

  • energy-efficient;
  • affordable;
  • compact;
  • safe;
  • versatile.

With these smart air circulation devices, your electricity bills are much lower. Your house is easier to comply with the new Energy Efficiency Standards. They are perfect for small rooms and spaces. Additionally, cool air is always in the bottom. Being installed on the floor, fans make it circulate. Therefore, lower devices cool the room better. The ones mounted higher, deal with the hotter air.

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Tower Fan vs Standing Fan: the Basic Differences

Commonly, stand fans are more powerful, adjustable and weatherproof than their tower counterparts. They are better in terms of airflow control. Their sturdy, sizable blades are durable. The fans provide efficient air circulation. The oscillation is also more advanced and robust.

Tower fans are compact, stylish and versatile. They fit even the most limited spaces. Tower fan vs regular fan is preferable by design. It’s sleek and modern. Air purifying feature is beneficial. It makes the fans suitable for the people that suffer from allergic diseases. Additionally, the devices are quiet and safe.

So, let’s figure out the basic parameters of both fan types.

ParametersTower FansStand Fans
Height, feet2.5-34-6
Oscillation, degrees75-9090
Cooling area, feet3-58-10
Noise level, dB60-7040-57
The best applicationat homein the office

So, which fans are quieter? Tower ones should be. They are smaller and less powerful. However, why don’t you compare the real specifications of the certain fan models? It may depend on the brand and the motor type.

What is a Tower Fan?

Do you prefer a portable fan that is narrow and tall? A tower fan is what you need. The device is designed for small living areas. It’s:

  • slim;
  • space-saving;
  • stylish;
  • mobile.

It circulates the air, moving it back and forth. Are tower fans good? The devices are quite efficient. They make your living environment comfortable. The air flows vertically. Being circulated from the bottom of the room, it’s pretty cool. Additionally, there are distinctive features that make the fans unique and worthy.

How Do Tower Fans Work?

There are two types of fans. Modern ones are bladeless. Traditional fans are still equipped with blades. All of them are operated by motors. Why do they push the air so efficiently? They rotate from side to side. Therefore, the air is moved throughout the room. It’s commonly called oscillating, as well.

However, tower fan vs oscillating fan looks better. It’s stylish and powerful. An oscillating fan can be taller than a tower one. Meanwhile, a “tower” is a shape. Oscillation is the way the fan rotates. 2 options can be combined in 1 device.

What are the other basic fan features? They usually include:

  • ionizer;
  • remote control;
  • several speed settings;
  • timer.

Do tower fans cool a room? Actually, they do the job. Ionizers are responsible for this task. The fans that are adjustable by height are quite common. Additionally, they are quiet, easy to move and operate.

What is the Advantage of a Tower Fan?

Have you got a small, one-bedroom or studio apartment? Your tiny home could be simple but cozy and functional. It might feature a private balcony or terrace. Limited room space that doesn’t exceed 200 sq. ft. is a common issue. Tiny bathrooms and kitchens make an especially heavy impression.

If you are a student, living in a campus dormitory, you may face the challenge. Do you share a room with your classmate? Rooms that accommodate 3-4 students are not common, but it may happen. Anyway, you are to ventilate your space. In this case, a compact and efficient tower fan or cooling tower is a real catch.

This portable device gives you a grip of advantages, such as:

  • small footprint;
  • low energy consumption;
  • comparatively quiet operation;
  • modern, stylish look;
  • safe, bladeless design;
  • a grip of powerful features.

Tall and slim portable fan is the most practical solution. It easily fits any tight space. Tower device is much narrower and shorter than its bladed counterparts. Additionally, these items are sleek and modern by design. Cylindrical container housing matches any contemporary room décor and style.

Useful Tower Fan Features

Have you got pets or small kids? With a sleek, modern cooling device, you should not worry about it. Having no moving parts, that is, blades, it doesn’t cause any injury. Tower fans are much easier to dust and clean. Additionally, they come with a grip of advanced features, including:

  • timers;
  • filters;
  • 3 or more speed settings;
  • thermostats;
  • heaters;
  • air ionizers and purifiers.

Consuming about as much energy as pedestal fans, tower devices are perfectly smart. They commonly come with remote control. It lets you adjust the fan’s speed and operation mode while chilling on your couch.

Air purification and ionization are priceless. These features add value to the fan, as well as functionality. By improving indoor air quality, you breathe easier, reducing health risks. However, is airflow direction, control and area important for you? If so, consider more powerful options.

Benefits of Stand Fans

advantages of table fan

Do you want to cool a medium-sized or a large room? A portable fan that is called standing would be suitable. The other device’s names are “floor”, stand or pedestal. As well as tower fans, stand ones are called oscillating. How does the device look?

The fan consists of 3 basic parts:

  • base;
  • extendable pole;
  • fan head.

A standing fan comes with 3 oscillating blades. What are their sizes? They are much shorter than a ceiling fan has. However, a device with larger blades creates more powerful airflow. Additionally, the best floor fan for living room has 3-speed settings. A metal wire mesh protects the blades from foreign objects.

What Does Oscillating Fan Mean?

Staying in a hot, stuffy room for hours, you need cool breeze to refresh you. It should blow throughout the room to keep it comfortable. An oscillating fan rotates from side to side while blowing. It lets the device circulate air in multiple directions. It moves back and forth, covering the whole room area.

According to Wikipedia, oscillation is repetitive variation or move. It may refer to vibrations, mechanical and dynamic systems. Thus, an oscillating fan turns or swings from side to side. So, it distributes more air, cooling large rooms efficiently.

Every oscillating fan includes several essential parts, like:

  • motor;
  • stand;
  • base;
  • push-pull knob (controls);
  • propeller (blades);
  • protective grill.

Fan stands differ by height and diameter. Above all, this part is stationary, but letting the fan head rotate. Besides, it supports it, ensuring its secure and stable installation. There are table/desk and floor oscillating fans. Thus, each of them comes with a grip of useful settings.

Opportunities of Oscillation

Select standard or oscillation mode, pushing the knob. It’s easy to change airflow direction and speed. The fan head pivots up and down, changing the breeze angle. Additionally, the stand is commonly adjustable by height. So, you get any level of comfort and coolness you need at the moment.

Oscillating fans are efficient in large rooms. They cover their entire areas completely: as a result, create powerful airflow throughout the space. You can install an oscillating fan anywhere you want. Additionally, these useful devices don’t overheat. Leading manufacturers protect motors against overload.

Advanced models feature remote control devices, ionizers and timers. They reduce dust and allergens in your room air. You can set operation time and the fan turns off automatically. Some of them include thermostats, enabling heating and cooling modes. Devices that meet your high air quality needs are available. But every oscillating fan is beneficially adjustable and easy to control.

Is a Pedestal Fan Completely Safe?

Quite naturally, the mesh is finger safe. Have you got small kids? They still can find some room to get through the grill. Small items and tiny fingers risk being entangled by the blades. Bladeless devices are definitely the best room fans for cooling. They are the safest ones. However, they are more expensive than traditional devices.

Additionally, the stand fans are not as steady as tower ones. They are tall, able to be knocked over. The cords should not be damaged. They can be left dangling down to the floor. They are running up to the top of the device. Therefore, a risk to trip over them exists.

How do the fans spin? Quite naturally, they are empowered by motors. In the case with the tower devices, the engine turns the container. The blades are inside. A stand fan’s motor turns the blades directly. It works on the oscillation angle.

Do Fans Help Circulate Air Conditioning?

Do you live in a private house? It should have an advanced airing system. However, if you stay even in a small room, it can be kept cool and fresh. Which way? Cross-ventilation does the job. A series of different fans can be incorporated. So, how to circulate air with fans?

The best aeration time is early in the morning. Therefore:

  1. Open two windows on the opposite room sides.
  2. Remove curtains and blinds.
  3. Place a fan in the window.
  4. The second device is to be accommodated in the second window.
  5. Let the fresh air to be blown in.

Have you got a window AC unit? It can be incorporated. Window fan vs tower fan is really efficient to cool the air. It does the job by means of Freon. An evaporator a condenser, and a compressor work together to keep the room comfortable.

series of different fans

The other fan can be placed in the other window or in the opposite corner. Together, they circulate the air better. Meanwhile, consider the wind direction. It is to blow in the room. The other fan should blow it out.

How to Keep Room Cool in Summer Without ac and Cooler?

At daytime close the windows. Curtain them off. Use really thick, but light-colored and heat-reflecting blinds or curtains. For example, aluminum foil can be used successfully. Have you got an air conditioner? If so, just turn it on. Otherwise, keep the air circulating.

Is a ceiling fan efficient? It creates a draft. Which way should fan spin to cool? It is to rotate counter-clockwise. Running clockwise, it will heat the air. This direction is suitable for winter. Additionally, there are 3-speed options. In summer, select the highest one. The airflow is increased.

Additionally, apply your available portable fans. How to position fans to cool a room? If they are not too tall, you can place them anywhere. For instance, on the desktop. However, remember that cool air in on the very bottom. Therefore, locate the oscillation fan as low as possible. The best place to position it is in the corner. It rotates and creates a powerful airflow.

Overall Judgment

Are you looking for the best air moving fan? Any type can be suitable. Just consider the room size. Do you need the air to be filtered? Both office and domestic environments are to be comfortable and cool. A device with multiple options lets you adjust the airflow. Quite naturally, it oscillates and moves the air vertically. Just select the speed you like and enjoy the fresh breeze.

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