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Lennox vs Mitsubishi Mini Split Systems for Heating and Cooling

lennox vs mitsubishi mini split When the temperature reaches high in the 80s F, we need coolness. Haven’t you selected, got, and installed a ductless air conditioner yet? Do it in May or even in early June. Your choices might be tough. Let’s compare Lennox and Mitsubishi’s ductless mini split solutions. Installers usually offer you these top brands. Should you trust them? If you don’t know which features and ratings are primary, keep reading this article. I hope it helps to choose a device that meets your HVAC needs.

What is the Best Brand of Mini Split?

California has a reputation for sunny and warm weather. It comes as no surprise. Texas, Florida, and Washington DC encounter heavy rains. Thunderstorms hit them thunderstorms by the end of May. Here, in the Western States, we are already experiencing summer heat. Do you live in California, Arizona, or Nevada? Be ready to spend a long, dry summer in your city. Have you got a large house? Nothing makes you decide between the basic air conditioner types. Central local HVAC equipment systems are powerful and reliable. According to the US Department of Energy, they offer large energy efficiency savings. Electrically driven heat pump technologies are useful in small, separate rooms. If you use them occasionally, it helps. Installation of a best mini-split air system is preferable in your:

  1. Basement.
  2. Guest bedroom.
  3. Attic.
  4. Garage.
  5. Three-season porch.

Mini-splits enable individual, room-by-room temperature control. Top brands like Daikin, Pioneer, Fujitsu use forefront air conditioning technologies. Leading manufacturers offer reliable, energy-efficient, quiet air conditioners. So do Mitsubishi, LG, and Lennox models. Your needs and priorities should be decisive.

Right Now interesting information about best mini split system!

What is an Inverter Mini Split?

New air conditioner models feature this technology. A two-speed compressor keeps the room temperature at a certain level. Set it according to your needs and preferences. You don’t have to switch it on and off, seeking comfort. The system is automatic, and featuring sensors. It makes HVAC devices energy-efficient and durable. How do you size a mini-split? Check its capacity in BTU (thermal energy) units. It is to fit your separate room space. Are there any other important features? Let’s compare top Lennox and Mitsubishi products that suit large, 450-550 sq. ft. rooms.

Mini-Split SeriesCapacity, BTUNoise Level (indoors/ outdoors), dBSEER Rating
Lennox MLA 12,000 26.5/52 24
Lennox MPB 12,000 24/52.524.5
Lennox MHA 12,000 24/5219
Mitsubishi M-series (MSZ-FH12NA) 12,000/13,60021/4126.1
Mitsubishi M-series (MSZ-GL12NA-U1) 12,000/14,400 19-45/49-5123.1
12,000 BTU is a kind of standard capacity unit. It corresponds to 1 ton of cooing or refrigeration. Commonly, a unit of this capacity suits 500 sq. ft. space. Your climate and room insulation matter. SEER rating should be as high as possible. It lets you save money on electricity bills.

Is Mitsubishi a Better Brand?

Mitsubishi is a leading brand in the USA. When it goes to ductless air conditioners, it’s dominant. The company competes with Fujitsu in the North American market since the 1980s (around for over a century). So, the brand is reputed and reliable. Mitsubishi makes and offers a huge range of products heating and cooling systems. Do you need a mini-split wall mounted or multi-zone for a spacious hall or a tiny closet? It’s available for sure. Does your Mitsubishi electric split meet requirements? Multiple positive reviews show it does. The brand stands out by several unique technologies, such as:

  • hot start;
  • smart I-see sensor;
  • hyper-heating inverter;
  • efficient filtration systems.

The brand is preferable for northern states. If you live in Alaska or Minnesota, it might be your choice. Mitsubishi mini-split systems feature both cooling and heating modes. Turn the air conditioner on, as soon as you come home. You’ll feel warm air at once. It works even if it’s extremely cold outdoors (up to -13 °F).

One of the Best Representatives of his Brand

You get the precise temperature in your room. What makes Mitsubishi ductless mini-split unique? The brand stands out by efficient air filtration. Your indoor unit may feature one of three filter types. Deodorizing filter is washable. It eliminates odors. The electrostatic filter collects dust, pet air, and other allergens. Nano platinum filter contains innovative antibacterial material.

Are Lennox Mini Splits Good?

To select a suitable Mitsubishi system, I contact a contractor or a retailer. The manufacturer offers controllers, and indoor and outdoor units separately. Coding basics are intuitive to understand. Thus, MSZ means wall-mounted, single zone devices. The figures denote capacity. But this immense variety is confusing. Lennox range of products is not limited. It’s easy to single out 4 mini-split series. The company is time-honored and renowned in the USA. Its main factory location is in Richardson, Texas. So, I think, Lennox products target mainly hot-climate areas. These multi-splits are:

  • compact;
  • quiet operation;
  • easy-to-install;
  • intuitive to control.

Numerous Lennox mini-split systems reviews prove it. These systems suit small spaces like sunrooms or garages. Do you think that Mitsubishi air conditioners are quiet? Their noise level is lower than of Fujitsu or Pioneer units. Lennox systems are virtually silent. Indoor units produce only 24-26 dB. It’s similar to rustling leaves or whispers.

General Summary: Mitsubishi vs Lennox Mini-Splits

Are you going to select a mini-split system? It’s essential if you want to feel comfortable in summer. Prefer one of the leading, top brands. These products are energy-efficient, feature-rich, and reliable. How long will a top-quality mini split last? Both Mitsubishi and Lennox offer along 5/7-year parts warranty. Lennox expands it up to 12 years if you register your product. These devices are just not as widely promoted and Mitsubishi. But, I think, Lennox ductless air conditioners are perfect. They suit states with a hot climate properly well. So, both brands are worth homeowner attention.

Charles Walker

Hi, there! It’s Charles. I live in the city with a hot and dry climate, Los Angeles. Do you need some cooling fans too? Get complete information from the website. Don’t forget to check your local Ventilation Code. Perform your house conversions properly and enjoy the coolness.

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