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How to Humidify a Room with Air Conditioning?

Do you experience health problems? For example, dry skin, stuffy nose or cough? They can be caused by dry air in your room. Why don’t you add moisture into it? A humidifier would do the job. Meanwhile, other solutions exist. For example, do you know, how to humidify a room with air conditioning? Do you think it’s possible? Let’s analyze the technology and see if we can use it for this purpose.

Climate Considerations

how to humidify a room with air conditioning

Living in Los Angeles, I am lucky. The climate is favorable here. July is not an exception. Summer weather here is:

  • hot;
  • sunny;
  • humid.

Low clouds cover not more than 30% of the sky. No rains are expected during July. Thunderstorm occurrence is about twice a decade. June gloom has already gone. However, the mornings are cool and wet. Proximity to the mountains and coastal location is beneficial. Therefore, city residents don’t feel any need for adding moisture to the air.

Average humidity in July is 77%. In the morning, it reaches 86%. So, cross-ventilation would solve all airing and cooling problems, if any arise. In other states, for example, in Arizona, dry air is a real issue. Living in a desert area is not too comfortable. The lands are in sore need of watering. Humidity in Phoenix in the afternoon is only 20%. Dry heat can make you sick.

What is the Ideal Humidity Level in Your Room?

Ductless mini-split ac systems are designed to control the temperature in your room. It’s their primary goal.

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The AC process is defined as the process of taking heat and moisture out from indoor spaces.

So, what is the ideal relative humidity? As research states, the recommended level is between 40% and 60%.

Relative Humidity, %Residential ProblemsHealth Issues
over 60molds, fungi growth, dust mites thriving, condensation, wood expansionallergic reactions, asthma
less than 40wood furniture cracking, static, paint and wallpaper peelingitchy eyes, dry skin, scratchy throat

Why is it important to know, how to control humidity in a room? Air conditioners commonly reduce it. What is the basic reason? Wet air feels hotter. You sweat, but the moisture doesn’t evaporate from the skin.

High Humidity Dangers

Additionally, a humid environment created perfect conditions for:

  1. mildew and mold;
  2. dust mites,
  3. bacteria and viruses.

Mite population doesn’t grow when the level of humidity is below 50%. Most fungi can’t thrive unless it doesn’t exceed 60%. Additionally, dangerous formaldehyde gas evaporates from building materials. High humidity is favorable for its transmission and off-gassing. Infections and viruses like influenza or herpes are more probable. Excessive moisture can also cause insomnia, nose, throat and eyes irritations.

How to Increase Humidity in a Room?

how to increase relative humidity in a room

Meanwhile, when the relative humidity is less than 35-40%, it’s also dangerous. Dry air is able to cause health issues, such as:

  • scratchy skin;
  • sinus pain;
  • dry hair and eyes;
  • nasal congestion;
  • nosebleeds.

Dry air commonly feels cold. That’s why this challenge is more pressing in winter. When humidity is too low, you would get sick. Additionally, the air doesn’t retain the heat. So, it would be more challenging and more expensive to warm the house.

Therefore, we are to know, how to raise the humidity in a room. How to do it?

The best way to achieve the goal is to use a humidifier!
So, just measure the level of humidity. Use a device that is called hydrometer, therefore. Acknowledge your needs. Take the dimensions of the room and find a suitable humidifier.

How to Humidify Room without Humidifier?

Haven’t you got this compact, affordable and useful device? Don’t despair! You don’t have to depend on a humidifier. Other perfect ways to add moisture to dry air exist. Therefore, you can:

  1. Place bowls of water in the room.
  2. Add houseplants and mist them.
  3. Air-dry your damp laundry.
  4. Keep the bathroom door open.
  5. Use a decorative fountain.

A humidifier with air conditioner would be a perfect option. Just select a modern AC system. Get the moisturizing feature as a bonus.

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Meanwhile, all sources of water or vapor can be of use. Boil water, open the doors of a dishwasher or shower cubicle. Dampen your towels and curtains. Have you got an advanced multi-split air conditioning system? It should be equipped with a humidifying feature.

Additionally, try to minimize air-drying effects. Various heating appliances can cause it. Can you cook not so often? I would doubt it. Anyway, line-dry your clothes. Avoiding using a hairdryer would be recommended.

How Do Multi-Zone Mini-Splits Work?

how do multi zone mini splits work

Are there hot and cold areas within your house? If the central HVAC system is not available, another solution exists. Multi-zone heating and cooling may be maintained by a system that includes:

  • 1-2 outdoor compressor units;
  • 5-12 indoor air handlers.

Avoiding ducts, you save money and mounting efforts. You save on electricity bills and get the personalized comfort you deserve. Each family member gets some freedom and independence within the own room. You can select a lower temperature in the bedroom. Is it hotter in the kitchen when you cook? If you don’t mind it, just don’t change the settings.

Do you wonder, how multi-split air conditioner works? The operation is the same as all mini splits have. A thermostat is available in every zone or room. It is built into each indoor unit, equipped with a sensor. The climate is controlled through a wireless device.

Can AC Create Humidity in a Room?

Commonly, air conditioners remove moisture from the environment. It happens during the cooling process. Heat is absorbed. Moisture evaporates. It condenses inside the coils. The water is collected in the drain tubes.

However, mini splits with humidity control options are available. They can be designed for various purposes. For example, vine storage needs the environment to be humid. How can it be ensured? A device that is called humidistat is built in. It signals if the water supply should be on or off. So, you set the humidity level you need, that is 50% or 60%. When the parameter is achieved, the cooling cycle turns on automatically. Thermostat setting may be ignored in this case.

Overall Judgment

So, do you want to humidify your room? You may need it if you live in Arizona. However, measure the humidity level at first. Do you experience health issues, such as eyes irritation? It may be caused by excessive humidity and dust mites. Meanwhile, dry air is more typical for winter season. The issue is topical for desert or northern states. Now in summer, what we need is coolness. A perfect AC system can provide it.

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