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How to Cool down a Room with Two Fans?

As the temperature mark is slowly crawling up towards its critical point, the air conditioner seems like a true rescue. However, if you cannot afford or for some reason want to avoid air conditioning, there is a solution. Have you ever wondered how to cool down a room with two fans? Fans can be surprisingly effective. All you need is to position them in the right way. Keep reading this article if you want to learn how to create a pleasant temperature in a room using only two fans.

Is there an alternative to air conditioners?

how to cool down a room with two fans

Many people tend to believe that air conditioning is the only way to cool down a room. It is true if you want to reduce the temperature considerably (by 15 degrees or even more). That is what many people do on really hot days. But the truth is, this is not the best choice for your health. Many people, who spend a lot of time in rooms with AC suffer from headaches, sore throat, and watering eyes. Aside from cooling the air, conditioners and split systems dry it out. Dry air makes you dehydrated and causes skin sensitivity, irritation, and dullness. Numerous studies claim that some air conditioners and split systems can adversely affect health. No wonder many people try to avoid air conditioning when possible.

As you can see, air conditioning (central or ductless) is not always the best choice. Besides, there are other reasons why you might need other cooling techniques:

  • a room is too small for an air conditioner,
  • this is your temporary place and you don’t want to or not allowed to make any alterations to it.
  • you or your family members are allergy-prone or tend to catch a cold very quickly.

How to make a room cooler without an AC?

For one thing, you can create a natural airflow in your room. This is the simplest and the fastest way. But it’s not always applicable. Another thing you can do is generate airflow with the help of fans. Even one fan can make you feel cooler since it helps your body evaporate excess water faster.

Some of you might get skeptical here. But believe it or not, there are fans that feel like air conditioners. These are tower fans that have hidden blades and tall shafts along which the air is pushed up and released through the vent. They come in various designs and sizes. Some of them look more like futuristic art objects, rather than cooling devices. If you are wondering how to cool down a room fast without AC, this might be the right option.

Creating the airflow

Stagnant air is not healthy. You need to ensure a constant inward flow of fresh air. At the same time, the air that is already inside needed to find its way out. If you just leave a window open, the air will somehow circulate on its own. In case you want the process to be more effective, you should learn how to circulate air with fans. It is not that hard, you just need to follow simple logic.

How to get hot air out of a room?

First off, you should force the hot air out. You can install a box fan in the window to blow the air out. If that given room is adjacent to another, cooler room, you may place another fan between these rooms facing the warmer one. In such a way the room can cool down by several degrees.

portable battery operated cooling fan

  1. If the room has two windows (ideally facing one another) you can install two box fans, one in each window. One of them should be blowing the air in, while another is pushing it out. If you want to apply this technique, make sure you place an inward blowing fan on the cooler side of the building.
  2. Another way to create a cooling airflow is to combine a window fan with a ceiling fan. In the morning, when it’s still cool outside a window fan will blow cool air inside, while a ceiling fan will distribute it all over the room. Leave a door or a window across the room open so that the warmer air can find its way out. This is a good solution for large rooms with tall ceilings. You can replace a window fan with a regular box fan or tower fan. In case the room you want to cool down is rather small, you can use a mini portable fan.

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How to cool a room with ice and fan?

There is an interesting remedy, which some people claim to be rather effective. You can make a homemade air conditioner with ice and a fan. It may sound crazy, but it actually works. All you need is a bucket of ice and a portable fan. Just place the fan in front of a bucket and turn it on. You can make cool air around the ice blow right into your face! This is not a very practical solution, but if you crave for a blast of cool air, it might help.

Rooms fans are perfect for:

  1. Many people prefer to install AC units in a living room. Therefore, bedrooms need to be ventilated by a fan or fans. If you are concerned about the noise, you can pick the quality quiet fan for sleeping.
  2. Utility rooms.
  3. Kitchens.
  4. Small walk-through rooms of various designations.

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As you can see, fans are a great alternative to air conditioning. Not only can they help your body cool down, but also can reduce the temperature in a room by several degrees. There are fans that blow cold air and fans that are designed to circulate air. Besides, you can create a homemade air conditioner using ice and a fan. In any case, even one small fan can make you much more comfortable and help avoid overheating.

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