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New Construction Mini Split vs HVAC Systems

new construction mini split vs hvac

Are you fixing to build a new house for your family? It would cost a fortune. You can just buy a new construction home. It would be not cheaper but faster and easier. Multiple stellar features and amenities are necessary. Let’s compare new construction mini split vs HVAC options. Which solution is more efficient and attractive? What about the noise and installation cost? Quite naturally, your climate matters. It determines if you need a sophisticated system or its simple counterpart. Why don’t you save on energy bills and on the equipment itself? Let’s try to view all sides of the question.

Climate and Cost Considerations

Have you decided to buy a new house? It becomes a great event for your family members. This way, you increase your privacy and cut down your monthly housing payments. Los Angeles is a stellar location. It offers you a mild, sunny climate and a grip of professional job opportunities.

These places are rad to chill out, especially the coastal areas. Unfortunately, sales in our housing market are slumping. Are you hesitating to invest in local real estate? Huge prices may drive you away. They are rising now. Can you shave it somehow? Central air conditioning is possible to compromise.

Your favorite mini-split system does the job. Do you doubt it? Let’s get all this straightened out. Quite naturally, you consider a grip of amenities, including the house:

  • size;
  • location;
  • type;
  • style;
  • exterior and roof.

Both single-family and townhome options are available. Additionally, landscaping and accessibility matter. Master-planned communities are beneficial. Proximity to parks, schools and beaches may become priceless. Open spaces are not less important than friendly, like-minded neighbors.

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Which is Better: Central AC or Split AC?

Buying a house, you would study its floorplan and layout. Availability of garden and yard is mental. Green exterior materials like wood or brick are energy-saving. The roofing option may become invariable. In Los Angeles, all new residential houses require “cool roofs”. It increases the homeowners’ costs but reduces daytime temperatures.

central ac vs split ac

Your new house may also include centralized air conditioning. Is mini-split cheaper than central air? If you build your house from scratch or buy a new construction option, it won’t cost too much. A ducted system keeps your whole house cool. It’s opportune in large buildings, humid, cold or hot locations.

Distributing cold air across your home, an air conditioner filters it. Thus, this stellar option is:

  • powerful;
  • clean;
  • visually attractive;
  • efficient.

Properly installed ducts are hidden from view. A centralized system creates a cool, regulated environment in your house. It maintains consistent temperatures in all its spaces and nooks. It might be noisy, allowing energy loss.

Are Mini Splits More Efficient than Central Air?

Centralized air conditioning is a common option. Nearly 90% of new residential houses in the USA include it. The US Energy Information Administration proves it. Southern households are more likely to use it than the homes in the Northeast. Los Angeles stands out from the other locations.

Does your house include no central HVAC system? Don’t get butthurt, repelling the offer at once. In the dry, pleasant climate of California, it might be not necessary. Our mild climate benefits us. The ocean acts as a powerful air conditioner. Evenings are pretty cool.

At night, the temperatures are around 60-65 degrees. Additionally, in summer we get nearly no rain. Thus, it’s not necessary to reduce humidity. Can a split system cool a whole house? In a modern Californian home, a ductless system would be opportune and enough.

In comparison with a central system, it’s:

  • quieter;
  • easier to install;
  • more energy-efficient;
  • versatile.

Multiple ductless options exist. You can mount them to a wall or ceiling. Several indoor units may connect a main outdoor unit. One system cools up to 4 rooms simultaneously.

do you need mini split in every room

Do You Need a Mini Split in Every Bedroom?

Renovating a house, you might opt for this compact but highly efficient option. It would suit a small office or a tiny studio apartment. Ductless air conditioning systems are flexible. They let you control the temperature in every room or zone of your house independently.

How do mini splits work? As well as large central systems, they come with outdoor units. They include condensers and compressors, looking virtually the same. Of course, the size matter. Indoor units feature air filters and blowers. They absorb heat, reducing humidity levels.

Split air conditioners are visible. Meanwhile, these stellar devices are small and aesthetically pleasing. They are essential in the houses with:

  • two or more floors;
  • high ceilings;
  • bay or picture windows;
  • attics, basements and garages.

In Los Angeles, your cool portable fan might be efficient. It would do the job all year round. In winter, heating is not necessary. The average temperature from December to February is around 58 degrees. Summer is cool and pleasant. There are only a few hot days per year.

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How Long Do Mini-Splits Air Conditioners Last?

A ductless device is not less durable than a large HVAC system. It’s a bit more difficult to control, for real. You are to set the necessary temperature in every room and it takes some effort. But mini-splits are easy to maintain. People ask: how long do mini splits last? They operate seamlessly for 15-20 years, at least.

In Los Angeles, ductless devices last even longer. You need them not frequently, during summer heatwaves. They happen mainly in September. When outdoor temperatures reach 100-110 degrees, turn your air conditioning on. In winter, when the temperatures drop below 50° F, heating is helpful.

Air conditioner vs fan electricity usage might become decisive. When the cost of living is as high as in Los Angeles, it matters. So, you may use your mini-split devices no more than 10-20 days/year. Portable, compact units right the ship. When average humidity is around 40%, you’d rather enjoy air blowing than cooling.

Bottom Line

Buying a new construction house, consider multiple factors and amenities. Your home location, size and layout matter. In Los Angeles, you can compromise central air conditioning. Our pleasant, mild climate allows it. Sometimes, ductless systems may be helpful. Do you ask: Split ac vs window ac which is best? If you prefer ventilation and a cool breeze, consider affordable, single-unit appliances. A window fan or air conditioner brings fresh air from outdoors. In the comfortable climate of California, it might be enough. Turn your AC units on only to survive the short periods of scorching heat. Save on electricity, enjoying your clean and cool indoor environment.

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