Best Mini Split Systems, Ductless, Wall-Mount

mini split system reviews

Whenever you live in a hot, southern state, like Florida or Texas, or in a northern one, up to Alaska, the proper cooling, ventilation, and heating is to be arranged in your private house and garage. It definitely should not take a lot of room, or result in enormous electricity bills. Therefore, the best mini split system would be a great solution, providing comfort, being feature-rich and energy-efficient.

However, what are the better ductless heating and cooling system? Which brands are reliable and reputed? Let me review and compare the 6 top-rated devices, well-suited for the cold and southern climates, single rooms and small spaces.


When Was Air Conditioning First Used in Homes?

when was air conditioning first used in homes

What a stellar invention! In California, in late spring, you might avoid it. Later, when hot (Santa Ana) winds start blowing, you have to beat the heat. When was air conditioning first used in homes? Chilling in your comfy bedroom, you could think about it. In our country, life-saving thermal appliances became popular by the 1950s. Afterward, they became widespread. It happened when an average American household was able to afford an AC system. What were the household AC sizes and functionality at the time? Let’s compare our modern, epic devices with the moldy figs and take joy.

When Did Air Conditioning Come Out?


Window Fan vs Box Fan



In summer, thermal comfort is essential. Chilling in your bedroom, you are to feel good. While you are cooking in your kitchen, reduce gnarly smoke and odors. Do you have to compromise it? Even the most affordable, smallest devices can do the job. Let’s compare window fan vs box fan. These stellar units may look pretty similar. But their look, size and functions differ. Some units are more efficient. They would cool your whole house easily. The others are simple and compact. They would solve the task, running in conjunction with other appliances or devices. Which options to choose this summer? Let’s get into particulars.

What Are Window Fans Good for?


New Construction Mini Split vs HVAC Systems

new construction mini split vs hvac

Are you fixing to build a new house for your family? It would cost a fortune. You can just buy a new construction home. It would be not cheaper but faster and easier. Multiple stellar features and amenities are necessary. Let’s compare new construction mini split vs HVAC options. Which solution is more efficient and attractive? What about the noise and installation cost? Quite naturally, your climate matters. It determines if you need a sophisticated system or its simple counterpart. Why don’t you save on energy bills and on the equipment itself? Let’s try to view all sides of the question.

Climate and Cost Considerations


How Long Do Ceiling Fans Last?

how long do ceiling fans last

Forthcoming summer is not always favorable. It brings us a lot of sunshine and pleasant warmth. In Southern California, mild, pleasant weather benefits us virtually all year round. But summer heatwaves may become heavy. So, you are to cool and ventilate your house properly. How long do ceiling fans last? These stellar devices are virtually everlasting. Reliable manufacturers design their cooling staples to last forever. Upon buying and installation of a forceful ceiling fan, you can put its operation out of mind for years. Meanwhile, there is a grip of subtle aspects to consider beforehand. If you are hesitating to make your deliberate decision, keep reading this article.

Do Ceiling Fans Wear Out?


Can You Put and How to Use a Box Fan in a Window?

how to use a box fan in a window

Summer heat is not a piece of cake. In California, soaring temperatures become uncomfortable. A grip of days in June and July might be unbearable. Don’t get butthurt. You can easily cool your house. Even if you live in a small rented apartment, it’s possible. Find out how to use a box fan in a window. Limited space and budget are not a handicap. An affordable, handy and versatile device does the trick: it decreases ambient temperature, helping you stay cool and healthy. So, choose a top-quality, durable and feature-rich unit. Do you wonder how to position it to great advantage? Let’s discuss available alternatives in detail.

How Do You Cool a Room with a Window Fan?


Do Air Conditioners Filter Smoke?

do air conditioners filter smoke

In December, you might forget about your stellar cooling device. When the temperatures reduce to 60 degrees F, it’s comfortable enough. Do you live in a northern state? A heating option would be still useful. In California, it’s not necessary, unless you have special air quality needs. Do air conditioners filter smoke? For sure, advanced appliances do. It’s not their primary function. Some of them bring fresh air in, expelling stagnant smells. Commonly, HVAC devices handle indoor air, cooling or heating it. Filters deal with dust particles, debris and pet dander. Shall you run them during a fire? You are to eliminate all possible risks and stay safe. How to enable it? Lets’ delve into details.

How Do Wildfires Affect Air Quality?


How much Electricity Does a Ceiling Fan Use?

how much electric does a ceiling fan use

Early summer is an incredible time in California. Are you staying at home for a long time? It might be heavy. Why don’t you cruise and travel right now? Loads of sunshine in Los Angeles would impress you. How much electric does a ceiling fan use? Chilling and sunbathing on the beach, you won’t feel hot. Staying in a hotel, you commonly don’t care about utility costs. For native Angelinos, it’s a great concern. In warmer months, you are to stay cool at home. But the luxury might be cost-effective. What about a ceiling fan? Let’s discuss highlights of these stellar devices once again.

Benefits of Vacation Home Rentals


Best Handheld Fan: Top 10 Models To Choose

handheld fan reviews

Many people suffer from heat and lack of air at home, work or rest but a choice of modern devices can undoubtedly ease their life and make it more comfortable. One of such things is a portable fan to have it always with. When you choose the best handheld fan, you get all the benefits a quality fan can offer and have an opportunity to take it anywhere. It does not matter whether it is a trip in the train, playing computer games or long hours of office work, this personal fan will always come in handy in warm and hot weather. In addition, modern appliances offer many other functions apart from blowing air so you get a versatile product that can be used in many life situations.

At the same time, it is not a simple task to choose a quality handheld fan. You need to analyze multiple characteristics and reviews to find a decent product. We have already made it for you and offer top 6 better personal fans to get a durable and quality fan and make the only right choice.


How to Humidify a Room with Air Conditioning?

Do you experience health problems? For example, dry skin, stuffy nose or cough? They can be caused by dry air in your room. Why don’t you add moisture into it? A humidifier would do the job. Meanwhile, other solutions exist. For example, do you know, how to humidify a room with air conditioning? Do you think it’s possible? Let’s analyze the technology and see if we can use it for this purpose.

Climate Considerations

how to humidify a room with air conditioning