Best Mini Split Systems, Ductless, Wall-Mount

mini split system reviews

Whenever you live in a hot, southern state, like Florida or Texas, or in a northern one, up to Alaska, the proper cooling, ventilation, and heating is to be arranged in your private house and garage. It definitely should not take a lot of room, or result in enormous electricity bills. Therefore, the best mini split system would be a great solution, providing comfort, being feature-rich and energy-efficient.

However, what are the better ductless heating and cooling system? Which brands are reliable and reputed? Let me review and compare the 6 top-rated devices, well-suited for the cold and southern climates, single rooms and small spaces.


How to Increase Humidity in a Room?

how to increase humidity in a roomDo you live in a private house or in an apartment? Anyway, your living conditions are to be safe and healthy. Comfortable air temperature is to be maintained. It is to retain some moisture. So, how to increase humidity in a room? Using a humidifier is the most evident solution. However, there are multiple other ways to do it. Let’s consider the easiest and the fastest of them.

We are used to measuring relative humidity at home. Are we? When we feel uncomfortable, do we refer it to dry air? At least, this measurement is more common than absolute humidity. What is it? The actual amount of moisture in the air is necessary to forecast the weather. The parameter is essential to estimate the risk of hurricanes and cyclones. How is it expressed? In grams or kilograms per m3.

Humidity Levels Indoors


How to Humidify a Room with Air Conditioning?

Do you experience health problems? For example, dry skin, stuffy nose or cough? They can be caused by dry air in your room. Why don’t you add moisture into it? A humidifier would do the job. Meanwhile, other solutions exist. For example, do you know, how to humidify a room with air conditioning? Do you think it’s possible? Let’s analyze the technology and see if we can use it for this purpose.

Climate Considerations

how to humidify a room with air conditioning


How to Keep Garage Cool in Summer?

how to keep garage cool in summer
Do you live in Texas or California? I am lucky, as I live in Los Angeles Southern California. Summers here are warm to hot. So, we are to maintain comfortable conditions indoors. A building that protects your vehicle is no exception. So, how to keep garage cool in summer? How to do it without heavy expenses and undue efforts? Lets’ consider the best options.

Why Your Garage Gets So Hot?


Best Portable Fans Models: A Detailed Analysis Of The Choice

portable fan reviews

Summer heat is sometimes unbearable so there is always a desire to get a breeze of fresh cool air at least for a while. Unfortunately, you can not take an air conditioner with everywhere you go, but it is possible and necessary to buy the best portable fan and stay cool no matter where you are. This small and powerful device can be used in a variety of places and you will not have to look for a cool shelter anymore.

Mini portable fans are not a novelty and today it is not surprising to see them in the car, on the desk or clipped to the bag on the go. They cope with their main function – to provide enough cool air – perfectly. Moreover, they are lightweight and have an ergonomic design to fit any not sizable bag. No matter if you are going for a picnic on a sunny day, have to commute to work or die of heat in the stuffy office this little thing will make your environment fresh, cool and pleasant to stay. As a result, the work productivity will increase and your mood will improve.

If you came up with the conclusion that this nice fan will be useful for you as well, look through the top 6 models offered in the market and choose one meeting your personal requirements.


How to Circulate Air with Fan?

Is it too hot in your house? Some fresh air would be necessary. However, a sudden flow of cool air can be harmful. Air conditioners are able to cause respiratory illnesses. You or your family members can catch a cold even in summer. So, how to circulate air with fan? The soft breeze at night is so pleasant and beneficial! A cross-ventilation system is efficient and affordable. How to arrange it properly? Let’s investigate the matter.

Do Air Conditioners Impact on Your Health?

how to circulate air with fans


Window Fan vs Box Fan



In summer, thermal comfort is essential. Chilling in your bedroom, you are to feel good. While you are cooking in your kitchen, reduce gnarly smoke and odors. Do you have to compromise it? Even the most affordable, smallest devices can do the job. Let’s compare window fan vs box fan. These stellar units may look pretty similar. But their look, size and functions differ. Some units are more efficient. They would cool your whole house easily. The others are simple and compact. They would solve the task, running in conjunction with other appliances or devices. Which options to choose this summer? Let’s get into particulars.

What Are Window Fans Good for?


How to Position Fans to Cool a Room?

If your house is warm, it’s awful. Too much heat can make you feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, you can cool your stuffy rooms! The air flow can be improved. So, how to position fans to cool a room? How to maximize the breeze? There are some accessible tricks. Let’s observe and use them in our everyday life.

Can a Fan Blow Directly on Your Face?

how to position fans to cool a room


How Long Does Mini Splits Last on Average?

how long do mini splits last

A move to a new house or apartment is a great event. Owing to a property of your dream, you can renovate it. If your old home has no air conditioning, you would think about installing it. You may also wish to replace janky, outdated or inefficient equipment. How long do mini splits last? It would be a smart investment. A top-quality ductless system operates seamlessly for 15-20 years, at least. It improves indoor air quality, creating a healthy environment. Chilling in your bedroom, you would enjoy quiet time and stellar coolness. But before investing, you are to make every allowance. Estimate all expenses, evident and hidden to make an informed decision.

Rental Home Concerns


Do Portable Air Conditioners Need a Window?

do portable air conditioners need a window

Oh, these terrible heat waves! We, Angelenos, suffer from them since the end of April. Have you already visited Huntington or Venice beach? They are reopening with restrictions now. I’m chilling, staying at home. But we do require a breath of fresh air in any room. Do portable air conditioners need a window?

Compact, versatile, and pretty powerful devices are available. How to select them? Let’s consider stellar options that fit your garage, attic, or bedroom.

Benefits of Portable Fans


Top 5 Air Conditioners for Sliding Windows

best air conditioner for sliding window

Are you fixing to make functional updates in your house soon? Spring is the best time to install a suitable air conditioner for sliding windows. In Southern California, you can choose and buy it even earlier. February is the wettest and the rainiest month here. But even now, sunny, hot days are frequent.

When the temperatures are in the 80s, and you are sensitive to the heat, AC is a necessity. Many houses in California have casement or sliding windows. These stellar amenities maintain proper ventilation in summer. They allow the ocean breeze into your house.

What kind of AC unit would fit it? It should be aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient. What are the other factors and features to consider? Let’s check it right now.

Are you fixing to update your house before the summer heatwaves? Here is a rad selection of my favorite air conditioners for sliding windows.